Who Is Doña Flow? The Viral TikTok Sensation’s Cover of Iconic Cartel De Santa Hit Is the Best Video You’ll See Today

Whether you love him or hate him, it goes without saying that Babo, from Cartel de Santa, has an iconic voice and a unique style of rapping. That’s one of the many reasons that a recent TikTok video of a woman rapping along perfectly to one of the band’s iconic tracks has gone viral.

Her cover is so good, in fact, that she’s already been dubbed Mexico’s Doña Flow and she is living up to all the hype as more and more videos of this raptress are shared across various social platforms.

A woman from Aguascalientes goes viral for her entertaining cover of Cartel de Santa’s ‘Éxtasis.’

Go to any taqueria or torteria on the streets of Mexico and it won’t be long before you are serenaded by mariachi or treated to live covers of popular Mexican hits. Well, Doña Flow is one of these performers bringing music to the streets of her hometown of Aguascalientes.

The woman — who arguably sings and raps just like Cartel de Santa’s Babo — has recently gone viral on TikTok for her near perfect rendition of the group’s popular hit ‘Éxtasis.’ With a giant speaker and sparkly microphone, Doña Flow belts out the lyrics to the song in near perfect unison with the rapper’s deep voice, and mixes in a few of her own dance moves along the way.

I, for one, wouldn’t be mad to see this show during my next stop for tacos.

It didn’t take long before clips of Doña Flow began going viral across TikTok and elsewhere.

Without a doubt, TikTok users fell in love with Doña Flow, with the original video already wracking up more than two million views, hundreds of thousands of likes, and tens of thousands of shares. It’s safe to say, Doña Flow has made it.

Many also left comments, with one TikTok user writing, “She sings better than the original,” and another sharing “This lady has the flow.” One of my favorite comments has to be, “She is the cool tía of the family,” and, yes, she very much is.

Another popular theme in the comments section, are users hoping to see or hear a reaction from Cartel de Santa or Babo himself.

And just a few days ago, Babo gave us the reaction we have all been waiting for.

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