A Dominican Newspaper Couldn’t Tell President Trump And Alec Baldwin’s Trump Apart

President Trump is not a fan of Alec Baldwin’s impression on “Saturday Night Live.” On more than one occasion, the president has used his personal Twitter account to fire shots at the actor.

Trump is convinced that “the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse.”

Fans of “Saturday Night Live,” however, can’t get enough of Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression. His recent hosting duties on “SNL” earned the show its highest ratings for a single episode in six years, according to Fortune, and the show’s overall ratings are at a 20-year high.

Alec Baldwin’s impression is apparently so good that it fooled the Dominican Newspaper El Nacional.

No, it wasn’t a joke. In a story titled “Trump says settlements in Israel don’t favor peace,” El Nacional posted a photo of the actor in his “SNL” Trump costume and makeup. The photo of Baldwin-as-Trump appeared on page 19 of the February 10th issue.

Shortly after the mix up, El Nacional issued an apology.

El Nacional explained the mix up on their website, saying that they had received the image of Baldwin as Trump from the Associated Press (AP). The misidentification went unnoticed by the editors, which led to the unfortunate error. The Dominican newspaper apologized to anyone that was “affected” by the error.

So far President Trump has not tweeted about El Nacional‘s mix-up.

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