The Dodgers’ Organist Plays Selena, Los Tigres Del Norte, Drake And It’s Truly Awesome

If you’ve watched a Los Angeles Dodgers game (on TV or in person), you’ve probably heard a few familiar playing songs in the background. Like this one:

Yep, that’s “Baila Esta Cumbia” by Selena.

And this one:

fobia78 / YouTube

You’ve probably heard this one at a party at least once in your life: “Como Te Voy A Olvidar” by Los Angeles Azules.

Where are these glorious sounds coming from? Dieter Ruehele, the organist for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

@DieterRuehle / Twitter

He began the gig in 2016, replacing longtime Dodgers organist Nancy Bea Hefley, who retired after 28 years with the Dodgers.

Ruehle has made a name for himself by peppering in bits of popular music (of all genres) during Dodger games. He’s got several Spanish-language hits in his arsenal, such as “La Puerta Negra” by Los Tigres del Norte…

… And the two songs you heard previously. Selena’s “Baila Esta Cumbia”…

… and “Como Te Voy A Olvidar” by Los Angeles Azules.

Ruehle’s got range. He might hit you with the theme to “Rick and Morty”…

… The theme music to “Game Of Thrones”…

… Or “Passionfruit” by Drake.

And the fans love it.

Even fans of opposing teams appreciate Ruehle’s song selection.

So, if you’re watching the World Series, listen closely. You may hear one of your favorite songs playing in the background.

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