‘Wild Thoughts’ Is The Sultry Caribbean Music Video You’ve Been Dreaming About

This gorgeous music video for “Wild Thoughts,” from DJ Khaled’s forthcoming album “Grateful,” was shot in Belize with Rihanna and a supporting role from R&B singer Bryston Tiller. The trio cruises the streets of Belize in the most Caribbean of outfits: Rihanna sports several NSFW off-the-shoulder numbers resembling that old-timey Caribbean look, while DJ Khaled wore floral print and does a discombobulated salsa. The song itself features a sample from Carlos Santana’s 1999 number one hit “Maria Maria.” The whole video blends perfectly, culminating in the trio on a rooftop as fireworks go off.

DJ Khaled is really getting into his salsa moves in the video.

Credit: DJKhaledVevo

His rhythm is a little bit off, but he’s got the right spirit and outfit, so you can’t hate on the dude, not even a little bit.

This Twitter user peeped the game too.

“@Djkhaled is the only person who can have terrible dance moves and get away with it” said @_justin14.

After Belize nicknamed an island after DJ Khaled, you know he had to go and shoot there.

The Belize Tourism Board nicknamed an island “Major Caye” back in March of 2016 after DJ Khaled, so it only seemed right for him to go there and catch a vibe with this video.

Rihanna really went for that Caribbean look.

With her off-the-shoulder top, floral head wrap and enormous door knocker earrings, she fits right in with the Belize locals. Not that it’s hard for the Rihanna — she is from Barbados after all — but she pulls it off so well.

Get ready to hear a lot more of the song.

People are already hailing it as the song of the summer, so listen sparingly, because it’s a banger that you don’t want to get played out. The original “Maria Maria” made it to the #1 spot on Billboard and stayed there for 10 weeks.

Let’s see if DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Tiller can top that.

[H/T] Billboard

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