Disney’s New ‘High School Musical’ Series Will Be A Guaranteed Hit For ‘Arrested Development’ And ‘Glee’ Fans

If there’s one thing we pretty sure Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ seems to definitely be leaning into its nostalgia and remakes. From a live-action version of “Lady And The Tramp” starring Afro-Latina queen Tessa Thompson to a “Lizzie McGuire” reboot. That’s why it’s no surprise that the new service is planning to debut its much-anticipated service with a new series based on one of their most successful Disney Chanel franchises to date: High School Musical.

The trailer for the new series was released on Friday and has already racked up over 1 million views.

“High School Musical: The Musical” series released its first trailer and it’s already taking us back.

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The new series gets real meta real quick in the trailer. Set 15 years after the release of the first High School Musical movie, “High School Musical: The Musical” follows a group of high schoolers, who study at the same high school in the series, as they set out to put on a theatrical rendition of the original film. That means, stay with me, while we won’t see Vanessa Hudgens or Zac Effron in their original roles of Gabriella and Troy, we will see others take on their roles as they depict them on stage.

Got that?

This moment from the new trailer explains what’s going on pretty well:

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“When I heard that the high school where High School Musical was shot had never staged production of High School Musical: The Musical, I was shocked, inspired, and triggered as a millennial,” an East High drama teacher says in the trailer before setting out to pull off a show that will bring all kinds of backstage drama to the forefront of the new series.

As the new cast of characters prepares for a first-time production of High School Musical: The Musical at East High, there’s all kinds of drama behind the scenes.

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The series follows Ricky, Joshua Bassett, as he takes on the role of Troy while attempting to win back his ex-girlfriend Nini, Olivia Rodrigo, who plays Gabriella for the school’s theatrical play.

What’s more, the trailer high lights that the new series will take on a “mockumentary format” (think: “Arrested Development” or “Parks And Recreation”)

The new series is set to debut on Disney+ on November 12 which marks the same day as the new steaming platforms launch. Old and new fans of the OG movies will get to binge 10 episodes. So rest your feet and voices, you’re gonna need a lot of moves in your back pocket for this one!

Check out the trailer below:

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