Disney Is Giving Us Another ‘Home Alone’ Reboot And Kevin McAllister Better Be Kevin Martinez Or I’m Out

In an era when everything old is new again, we’ve seen a lot of trends reemerge and become popular once more. One example of this phenomenon is all the remakes we’re seeing on television and at the movies. Franchises like “Spiderman,” “The X-Men,” “Terminator,” and “Charlie’s Angels” have seen reboots and sequels to capitalize on these films previous popularity. TV shows like “Hawaii 5-0” and “Twilight Zone” have also brought remakes into our homes.

Altogether, reboots make up a large percentage of media these days.

Now, it seems that we have more reboots on the way via Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney+.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger announced on a Tuesday earnings call that Disney plans to reboot “Home Alone,” “Night at the Museum,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Cheaper by the Dozen” for its upcoming streaming service, Disney+. These Fox properties were bought by Disney when the company acquired 20th Century Fox for $71.3 billion earlier this year. The streaming service is set to launch in November of 2019 and will be bundled with Hulu and ESPN+.

On the earnings call, Iger said that the company planned to capitalize on the newly gained titles to utilize on Disney+ for a new generation of viewers.

“We’re also focused on leveraging Fox’s vast library of great titles to further enrich the content mix on our [direct-to-consumer] platforms,” Iger explained.

There’s no word yet if these franchises will be remade as movies or TV series, but one thing was certain: rebooting “Home Alone” for our current age is going to be tough.

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The question on everyone’s mind is: does this premise actually work in a society that has smartphones, online messengers and rideshares? What worked before about the film was that Kevin wasn’t able to contact his parents because this was a world before cell phones. In our current society, even kids have a phone, tablet or computer from which they could contact their parents.

How will this play out with a world full of smartphones and tablets? Will Kevin shatter all of his screens at the beginning of the film? Will he be grounded and have all his electronics taken away before his parents leave him home alone? Who knows but we can’t imagine any other ways this premise would still work for 2019.

Some pointed out the franchises’ failed sequels as a reason why “Home Alone” shouldn’t be remade.

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We remember “Home Alone 2” but mostly just because of that scene where Kevin got to eat pizza in a limo. As for the other 3 “Home Alone” movies, they didn’t make much of an impact. The original “Home Alone” was a unique experience where the right cast, premise, and timing came together to make a film that became a cultural touchstone. Can we ever recapture that magic?

Maybe we need to change the formula a bit to make this reboot work.

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Maybe, in order to refresh an older premise, we need to flip the script and get an animated “Home Alone.” Wacky things always happen in cartoons anyways. It will be easier to suspend belief and actually be convinced by the “Home Alone” plot if it comes from an animated film.

Even Macaulay Caulkin — star of the original two “Home Alone” films — got into the fun of mocking the idea of a reboot.

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Caulkin has always had a good sense of humor, especially about his childhood stardom, so it’s not surprising that the actor got into the mix of pocking fun at the reboot idea. Posting an unflattering pic of what an adult Kevin would look like now, Caulkin showed his opinion of what a reboot would feature. Honestly, the new “Home Alone” looks more like a typical lazy weekend than an emergency situation.

Most of us are just concerned about what a reboot will do to our precious childhood memories.

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We all like to think that special memories from our childhoods are untouchable but sometimes they alter with age. Still, a reboot doesn’t take away all of the fond remembrances we have of watching Kevin get into trouble. His shenanigans will still have a place in our hearts and we can always just skip this reboot when it comes out. Not everything needs to be remade but not every reboot needs to be watched either.

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