Desus & Mero Made It From The Bronx To ‘The Tonight Show’ And They’re Loving Every Minute Of It

Credit: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

“It’s pretty dope to walk around Target and people are like, ‘Yooooo, you’re that guy!'”

Desus & Mero, the Bronx-bred buddies who have gone from being funny on Twitter to hosting their own show on Viceland, took a trip to Manhattan to join Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.” Desus & Mero talked about what it’s like to be sorta famous, dealing with random people who recognize them, and how blessed they are to get paid for talking shit about the news while they’re high. Knowing better than to interrupt the duo’s stream-of-consciousness commentary, host Jimmy Fallon turned the segment into an impromptu “Desus & Mero” episode, asking them for their takes on Shark Week, OJ Simpson and pickles. Yes, pickles.

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