Is It Weird For Parents To Kiss Their Kids On The Mouth? Watch Desus And Mero Debate The Subject

Credit: Desus & Mero / Viceland / YouTube

“You don’t f—g kiss your kids on the mouth, B!”

A few months ago, actor Hilary Duff posted a photo on Instagram of she and her son Luca at Disneyland. No big deal, right? Well, several commenters zeroed in on the fact that Duff is kissing her son on the mouth, which led to lots of negative comments accusing Duff of being inappropriate. Duff replied and said those with a “warped mind and judgement” could unfollow her.

Where do you stand? Desus & Mero, who usually agree on most topics when they’re breaking down the news on their hilarious Viceland talk show, had a heated debate about whether parents should kiss their kids on the mouth. Desus saw no problem with it. Mero, who is Dominican-American, said it’s a “cultural thing” and his culture isn’t down with it. When Desus presses Mero about his masculinity being fragile, Mero doesn’t back down. “Kissing on the lips is a sexual act,” exclaims Mero at one point. After taking an impromptu poll of the room, the two agree to disagree.

How do you feel, though? Take this poll:


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