The Steamy Chemistry Between Demi Lovato And Trevor Dahl Left Fans Shook

Her vocals were on point and fans wanted to see more sparks fly.

Demi Lovato and Cheat Codes are busy promoting their new single “No Promises” and, of course, that includes singing their new song on ‘The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. As Fallon introduced Lovato and the band, he noted that “No Promises” has had more than 80,000,000 streams worldwide. Lovato’ performance was dripping with sexuality as the Mexican-American singer and Cheat Codes lead vocalist Trevor Dahl rocked out on the stage. As the song came to an end, fans thought they were going to be treated to a special moment between Lovato and Dahl, only to be teased with a ~nearly~ intimate moment. According to People, the team up between Lovato and Cheat Codes was a dream come true for the up and coming EDM band.

Cheat Codes tweeted out a GIF of the performance’s most talked-about moment: a near kiss between Lovato and Dahl.

? ? ?

Fans were quick to speak their minds.

Others are hoping for a future romance between the singers.

Imagine a world where Lovato and Dahl were all about each other.

A few people went through a point by point analysis of the performance.

And, for some fans, the moment was just too intense to be properly captured with words.

*Paris Hilton voice* That’s hot.

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