Jaime Foxx, Paris Hilton, And More Celebs Crammed Into Demi Lovato’s House Party For ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

Credit: DemiLovatoVEVO / YouTube

Demi Lovato invited some of her famous friends over for a house party and here’s what they created.

Demi Lovato’s new music opens with white text over a black background. It explains that Lovato had a house party in June and from that house party came the music video for “Sorry Not Sorry.” It is everything you think about when you imagine a celebrity-hosted house party. There are people making out, a bubble bath out in the yard, people jumping into the pool, and, of course, a few well-placed celebrity appearances. If you are looking for a summer jam to play at your next house party, this might do the trick. The lyrics of the song are explicit, so listener discretion is advised.

Here are a few of the celeb cameos:

Jaime Foxx was turning up with Lovato’s party guests.

Demi Lovato / VEVO

At one point in the video, you see a producer appear on camera announcing the Jaime Foxx has arrived. It is clear that he was very excited about his appearance.

Kirby Jenner gave the video life with his stellar dance moves.

Demi Lovato / VEVO

If you don’t know, Kirby Jenner is a social media personality. He uses Kendall Jenner’s photos and videos and inserts himself into them as if he was a long-lost Jenner sibling.

You know Wiz Khalifa couldn’t resist attending the house party of the ages.

Demi Lovato / VEVO

Any party with Wiz Khalifa is a party you definitely want to attend.

And, of course, Paris Hilton was there to spin all night as the resident DJ.

Demi Lovato / VEVO

Paris Hilton has been making a very comfortable living as a DJ playing around the world from China to Dubai to Paris to Atlantic City. She has even made as much as $1 million for a single DJ set. It only makes sense that she would show up at Lovato’s house party to throw it down like never before.

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