Jaime Foxx, Paris Hilton, And More Celebs Crammed Into Demi Lovato’s House Party For ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

Credit: DemiLovatoVEVO / YouTube

Demi Lovato invited some of her famous friends over for a house party and here’s what they created.

Demi Lovato’s new music opens with white text over a black background. It explains that Lovato had a house party in June and from that house party came the music video for “Sorry Not Sorry.” It is everything you think about when you imagine a celebrity-hosted house party. There are people making out, a bubble bath out in the yard, people jumping into the pool, and, of course, a few well-placed celebrity appearances. If you are looking for a summer jam to play at your next house party, this might do the trick. The lyrics of the song are explicit, so listener discretion is advised.

Here are a few of the celeb cameos:

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