Demi Lovato Had The Audience Rolling With Laughter As She Played Prize Model For Ellen DeGeneres

“She’s such a talented singer, though.”

In a recent episode of “The Ellen Show,” host Ellen Degeneres brought back her popular in-show game “What’s in the Box?” Her audience went wild after learning that Demi Lovato was on hand to be a guest model. Lovato came out on stage wearing what can only be described as a princess-inspired quinceañera dress with long silk white gloves. DeGeneres joked that the only reason Lovato was chosen to be a model was that her two regular models were out gambling for the day. However, Lovato wasn’t the most effective model. Here’s a quick recap of how Lovato’s appearance went down.

It was clear at the beginning that Lovato isn’t your typical prize model.

TheEllenShow / YouTube

Rather than slowly walking from spot to spot, like the queen of prize models Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune), Lovato straight up ran. Not to mention, she stayed in front of the boxes, which is a big game show no-no. It was so out of character for a prize model that even DeGeneres called it out while laughing hysterically.

We’ll just chalk it up to the dress. Who can even walk in those things when they also have to show off merchandise?

TheEllenShow / YouTube

When it came to the big reveal, Lovato did what any person would do: rearrange the set.

TheEllenShow / YouTube

Degeneres: “Is there anything else back there behind the candy?”

Lovato:  “Yes. There is.”

DeGeneres: (Laughing) “Can we see it?”

At this point, the entire studio audience is in stitches from laughter.

TheEllenShow / YouTube

That’s when DeGeneres offered a little bit of advice and told Lovato to take the prize from behind the desk.

Lovato proved that with a little bit of time, patience, and guidance, everyone can learn a new skill.

TheEllenShow / YouTube

Way to go, Demi. If this music career doesn’t pan out, you can always go for Vanna White’s job.

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