Demi Lovato Clapped Back At A Body Shaming Game App Advertisement On Instagram And We’re All In

Demi Lovato may have started her rise to fame with Barney & Friends, but she’s grown into an incredibly strong woman with a platform of her own. The openness of her experiences with addiction, self-harm, and eating disorders have fueled some of her most meaningful songs and connections to Lovatics. Since her overdose in July, we’ve all been hungry to hear how she’s doing.

We know that she’s slowly recovering through rehab and has made a soft entrance back into social media with likes and comments on her friends’ posts. Until this happened.

Demi Lovato’s own posts since rehab have celebrated her voting in the midterm election, post-workouts y ya.

@ddlovato / Instagram

Caption: “Sweaty, messy jiu jitsu hair.. ???????????? #BJJ #bluebelt #nevergiveup ????????”

Then she saw a pretty despicable ad on Instagram promoting an app that makes a game out of starving out ‘obese’ female characters. Dale, you’ll want to see this with your own eyes.

Then, she saw an ad for “Game of Sultans.”

@ddlovato / Instagram

Prepare to get super duper pissed off right now, comadres. Let’s first notice that this game is premised off a beauty competition between your hija and your friend’s hija.

She immediately started breaking down why the game is problematic.

@ddlovato / Instagram

Let’s delve deeper here. ‘Obese’ is a clinical term that has been used colloquially in totally inappropriate ways. It’s based off the BMI which is set to the white normative of ‘healthy’ weight. You can be jacked with a ton of muscle mass and be clinically obese.

My point is that only medical professionals should be using that term.

As someone with a history of eating disorders, she knows that this game just validates mental illness.

@ddlovato / Instagram

Even more problematic is that the game separates ‘obese’ and ‘pretty’ as competing values. As if beauty only exists on the skinny side of the spectrum. That’s a fat no from me.

The white patriarchy has been trying to ‘control’ women’s weight for far too long.

Lovato went into activism gear, calling on Instagram to “keep this bullsh*t off” people’s feeds.

@ddlovato / Instagram

It should be a total no-brainer to review this game and see how it could negatively impact users. Younger women and teenagers are especially vulnerable to this hella twisted mentality and eating disorders are far and above the most deadly mental illness.

Then, she took to Twitter to encourage fans to join her petition against Instagram.

@ddlovato / Twitter

Of course, she reported the advertisement to Instagram and called it out to her 70 million followers, Instagram had to take notice.

Some people went to extremes to support her.

@queladillavivir / Twitter

You gotta love the dedication here, but her point was to first improve the app, not boycott it altogether. She wanted people to voice their complaints to Instagram as well so that way everyone else using the app won’t be harmed by the advertisement.

Others didn’t get it at all.

@LivingLoving314 / Twitter

Sure, it truly is ‘just an app game,’ but everything we see and expose ourselves to affects us, both subliminally and explicitly. It is important to remember that there are people are struggling with eating disorders and need compassion and help.

The vast majority of people were sincerely moved by Lovato’s efforts.

@BabesBlue / Twitter

For those of us who aren’t *quite* on the other side of recovery, this app can be super triggering. Someone came up with this idea, designers developed it and iTunes approved this app to reach the hands of young women. That is HUGELY problematic in a systemic way.

Like really moved.

@itsalyssarempe / Twitter

I mean, de acuerdo, mija. Who would disagree with that?

If 2018 was the year of #MeToo, 2019 is definitively a #TimesUp era.

@jayjohns1228 / Twitter

Last year, we all finally spoke the group conscience; that we’re all experiencing this explicit violence from men and the enabling of letting it all be normal. This year, women are done with that. Time to pay for the injustices of the past and more importantly, refuse to let this patriarchal toxicity to continue to infiltrate and disrupt women’s lives.

The seemingly small, but pervasive microaggressions against women will no longer be tolerated.

@BrandiniBee / Twitter

People should never be afraid to speak up when it comes to things that matter to them. Never.

While each of us can always call out things when we see it, a celebrity’s actions will have a huge ripple effect.

@Kassim_Lovatic / Twitter

Circus workers try like hell to keep animals in fear because when just one animal gets out of line and fights back, every other one will be reminded of who they truly are. The revolution can start with just one person. Why not you?

Apparently, people were already noticing how problematic the game is.

@proxima_butera / Twitter

How many of us were reporting the ad as abusive or harmful? Only Instagram knows. What we do know for sure is that Lovatics remembered that they have the power to report the ad as well and started using their voices.

Lovato es La Reina of taking painful experiences and using them for good.

@ddlovato / Instagram

It’s so clear and obvious which version of Demi is happy, healthy, and free.

Since she shamed the fat-shaming app, she’s been all #bopo on her IG story:

@ddlovato / Instagram

The most helpful, empowering thing you can do for yourself is to follow people who exude positivity. Don’t fall into the trap of criticizing everything in this society that perpetuates negative images of women, because that will leave you feeling angry.

Beauty belongs to every single person.

@ddlovato / Instagram

Validate yourself on the daily. Write love letters to yourself (really, do it). Tell yourself how incredible you are and remember the full picture.

Demi will forever be an personal icon of recovery.

@ddlovato / Instagram

The real goal isn’t to be skinny enough for someone else’s standards. It’s to live a happy life in the one body we’ve got; to nourish it, love it, and thank it for all it does for us. It’s not you against your body. It’s you for your body.

While Lovato is feeling blessed for her own sobriety.

@ddlovato / Twitter

We’ve missed you so much! Clearly, the world needs you, Demi, and there’s a reason your fans are diehard. Demi just makes you feel good about yourself. More buena gente like her, por favor.

Oh, and P.S. Instagram took down the advertisements for Sultran. So speak up and speak out, por siempre!

@ddlovato / Instagram

Ayyyy, that’s right. You don’t have to be an international celebrity to make a difference. Remember, #TimesUp. This isn’t the year of having patience and tolerating BS. It’s the year that we all rise up and escape this ridiculous circus.

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