The Music Video For Demi Lovato’s ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Will Remind You Of Your Jealous Ex

“I’m not ready… I’m sorry.”

No strangers to long term relationships that didn’t end well, Demi Lovato and Jesse Williams play a couple on the edge in the music video for “Tell Me You Love Me.” Lovato famously dated Wilmer Valderrama for six years before they called it quits. Williams married his now-estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee before filing for divorce five years later. Being the celebrities they are, both Lovato’s, and Williams’ breakups were very public. Perhaps that very common theme in their lives drove them to make a music video about two people who are very deeply and passionately in love, but who still, for some reason, walk away from their relationship.

In the beautifully shot music video above we see Lovato and Williams as two people who fall in love, but remain distrustful of one another. After an evening of fooling around in their silky bed, Lovato’s character gets a late night text, which drives Williams’ character insane. He does the same to Lovato, having checked out another women. They proceed to get engaged, and have a wedding, even though it seems obvious to us as viewers that they should definitely take a step back.

The video ends with someone deciding they aren’t ready to take the plunge. Check the video out to see who. And definitely make sure you’re ready before planning an expensive wedding or proposing with what looks like a billion dollar ring. That diamond’s got enough karats to bake a cake with.

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