From Reggaeton to Toys: J Balvin Is Getting His Own Custom Transformer

J Balvin is on a merchandising and marketing roll. Last year he worked with McDonald’s to launch his own Happy Meal and he worked alongside Nike to create his own Balvin Air Jordan 1 – all of which sold out within days. Now, the reggaeton king is partnering with toy giant Hasbro to launch his own custom Transformer and if you want to get your hands on one you better pay attention.

J Balvin Transformers figurines are launching soon and here’s what you need to know.

On July 1, Hasbro announced that they are partnering with J Balvin to bring us an all new transformer, J Balvintron. Although the company has previously worked with the band Linkin Park, this is the company’s first collaboration with a celebrity and will be ready to pre-order from July 13, only through the NTWRK platform.

Called J Balvintron, the J Balvin Transformer will be available exclusively on the NTWRK “livestream shopping platform” (It’s QVC or HSN but on a phone) on October 1 for $70. It appears to be based on the original G1 Soundwave mold, but with a new yellow paint job that’s designed to look like Balvin’s smiley face logo.

According to J Balvin, he’s long been a fan of Transformers and it’s a dream come true.

J Balvintron
Credit: Hasbro

J Balvin, who has always been a fan of the Transformers, assured that this is a dream come true. “It is the reflection of my dream toy,” he told Billboard. The 7-inch tall figure with two mini cassette accessories is inspired by Balvin’s Energía and Vibras albums that transform into a condor and a tiger to create a mash-up J Balvintron 3-pack. The figure also wields a blaster, and incorporates Balvin’s signature rainbow colors and smiley face icon.

“I asked them to include elements from my past albums in the design. This is why they have two cassette options, one for Vibras and then one for Energia,” he told Billboard. “The colors, the names, I suggested all of these to them for inspiration. When we were in the process of making the design, Colores had just come out so we wanted to make many different color options.”

For Evan Brooks, the lead designer in charge of making J Balvintron a reality, “The biggest challenge has been to implement in the design all the colors that Balvin uses in his clothes and in his hair, which are so characteristic of him,” he told Billboard.

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