Colombian Ambassador Basically Commits Treason After Admitting He Eats Taco Bell

The Internet, particularly the Colombian Internet, is aflame right now as news breaks that the Colombian ambassador to the US eats Taco Bell when he’s homesick.

In an interview with the Washington Post, which asked various ambassadors what they eat when they’re feeling homesick, Colombia’s ambassador admitted this major chisme and sent Colombians into WTF mode.  

In the interview, Mr. Santos admits his staff gives him a hard time but that he just can’t live without his Combo #1.

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For those of you who didn’t know, the ambassador breaks it down. The Combo #1 includes a burrito supreme, a hard-shell taco, and he gets it with a Diet Pepsi and fire salsa.

Basically, the Colombian Internet went into meltdown mode.

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I mean you’re in another country representing your homeland and you say you’re homesick for an American fast food chain…? Like really?

Some are already calling for him to be declared persona non grata.

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Ban him from Colombia if he likes his burrito supremes so damn much! No more arepas for you, Mr. Santos!

Others want him recalled to Colombia so he can face the music.

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Saying you eat Taco Bell to feel closer to your roots…your Colombian roots…is basically treason, right?

In his defence, apparently he’s more nostalgic for his college days in Texas than his native Colombia.

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The ambassador went university at the University of Texas, Austin and this is allegedly where his treasonous relationship with Taco Bell all started. He also admitted he eats the “best beef fajitas in the world” at Cactus Cantina, a place that reminds him of a favorite spot back in Austin.

Which makes sense because as one Twitter user pointed out, does Taco Bell even exist in Colombia?

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Upon further research, there used to be. In Bogota. But just four and that doesn’t excuse this major international incident.

Some have speculated that maybe the ambassador is simply after a free stay at the upcoming Tace Bell resort in Palm Springs…?

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Not #FakeNews. Taco Bell is opening up a luxury hotel in Palm Springs. Surely this was his motivation. And if he’s not after it, we definitely are.

Another Twitter user had a very important question:

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Obvio…we were all wondering the same.

All of this has us wishing the ambassador has taken advice from fellow ambassadors, we’re looking at you Mexico and Mongolia, and stuck to Colombian favorites like arepas or arequipe.

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