Fans Are Praising Netflix For Streaming ‘Coco’ In English And Spanish Allowing Everyone To Enjoy The Movie

If you’re a fan of “Coco” you’ve probably already saw the film a dozen times both in the movie theater and on DVD. Like, who didn’t buy the movie the moment it came out? Well, now you have another way to ugly cry in the comfort of your own home. “Coco” is now on Netflix and streaming customers are freaking out – in both English and Spanish.

“Coco” is finally available to stream on Netflix.

The family favorite, which follows Miguel on his Día de los Muertos adventure, is available on Netflix in English and Spanish. You’ll be able to watch it with your parents and your abuelos, which is how this movie should be enjoyed, tbh.

Netflix is debuting a ton of films this month, but this one is the one people are most excited for.

It doesn’t matter that it was released in the middle of the week, people are already tuning in.

Grab those tissues because even though you already know what happens, you’re still going to be bawling.

People are literally watching it at work.

While the movie hit the big screens last fall, it became a huge cultural phenomenon before it was even released.

Latinos knew this movie would be a hit, and it was. It went on to win a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature and Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. But to us, award or not, “Coco” is a winner regardless.

Since the movie is being released in Spanish and English, people are really taking advantage of this cool feature.

Perhaps others will use the film in both languages as a means to learn English or Spanish.

People on social media are going a bit crazy now that “Coco” is just a remote button away.

They have nothing else to focus on. Can you blame them?

The movie is even helping people function better at home.

Parenting in the 21st century.

Even if you already own the movie you can never have too much “Coco.”

If you know a “Coco” fan that has disappeared, you know where they’ll be in front of the TV.

It’s like the world just got a little bit better.

Our feelings exactly.

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