21 Adorable Gifts You Should Buy For The ‘Coco’ Fan In Your Life

Christmas is right around the corner so you are probably scrambling to get the right gifts for everyone on your list. It’s a challenge because everyone has different interests and it can be expensive to get everyone everything that they want. Fortunately, we have you covered if have a primo or hermano who is obsessed with “Coco.” Here are the greatest gifts that you can get your “Coco” loving family member.

1. “Coco” Minnie ears

2. Disney Parks’ Official “Coco” Minnie Ears

3. “Coco” Hair Bow

4. “Remember Me” Tank Top

Credit: Disney Store

Click on over to the official Disney store website to check out this racerback tank top that has the bilingual memorable line from the film. Miguel’s calaverita face peeks out at you from the heather gray tank, and also features two of Ernesto’s guitars criss-crossing each other in a gallant version of a crest. The only downside is that this tank comes in only one color, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do double duty in this Disney tank. Wear it to work and on a night out. You know, for keeping it casual.

5. Miguel’s red hoodie

6. “Coco” Embroidered Crossbody Bag

7. “Un Poco Loco” T-Shirt

8. “Coco”-inspired Sneakers

9. “Poco Loco” Onesie

10. Calaverita zipper wallet

11. Calavera walkie talkies

12. “Coco” girls’ socks by Kohl’s

13. Calevera “Coco” T-shirt

14. Miguel sporty red watch

15. Miguel and Hector Crewneck Sweater

16. “Coco” Pin Set

17. “Seize Your Moment” Necklace

18. “Coco” Cotton Dress

Credit: Etsy

The pleated cotton dress showcases Miguel’s painted face, tiny calaveras and colorful guitars. You will help your little cousinl stand out from the sea of little girls running around in Snow White and Cinderella dresses (not that there’s anything wrong with the classic princess dresses.) Make it a whole outfit with “Coco”-inspired bows and socks. Adorbs! 

19. Mamá Coco-inspired dress

20. Ernesto de la Cruz t-shirt

21. Calavera pajama pants

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