CNCO Gives Major Surprise To Fan Living With Cerebral Palsy At SoCal Concert

For many of us, going to a concert of one of our favorite artists is a major deal. We save up the coins, buy the tickets, the moment comes, and – if you’re like me – you basically dance and cry the entire show. But for one super CNCO stan, the night she went to see her favorite band was extra special and now the entire world is experiencing it with her.

CNCO surprises a fan living with cerebral palsy who attended one of their shows.

A CNCO superfan just fulfilled one of her biggest dreams by attending a concert by the Latino pop band in Anaheim. But the night she saw them didn’t exactly start off the way she had expected. On Monday, TikToker @xomelissab shared a video of her older sister Alma, who lives with cerebral palsy, and who is a major fan of the boy band.

In the video, we learn that Alma’s family surprised her with tickets to the show. The clip starts off with Alma sitting in the back seat of the car, already decked out in a CNCO t-shirt, while a voiceover says that the family told her they were going to see a movie. But that cover is quickly blown when they arrive at the concert venue, where Alma explodes with happiness upon realizing she’s going to see her favorite band perform.

Seriously, try watching the pure emotion of the video without tearing up.

The Tiktoker gives us a glimpse into the very special concert.


She was bummed we didn’t get merch, but tonight was so worth it! #cnco @barrera.adri

♬ original sound – xomelissab

The TikTok continues once the family arrives at the concert venue, and we get to see Alma dancing to classic CNCO hits, especially when her favorite song, ‘Reggaetón Lento’ comes on as part of the setlist. After the concert, her sister asked if she had fun, she nodded with a huge smile on her face.

The video is almost 2-minutes long but that didn’t stop it from racking up the views – it’s been viewed more than 600,000 times and has more than 120,000 likes and almost 3,000 comments.

But the surprises didn’t stop once the concert was over.

Both sisters were surprised when their comments section blew up – including a comment from CNCO themselves, who wrote “I’m glad you could come, thank you!” Then the group took it to the next level, and shared a clip from Alma’s TikTok to their Instagram Stories.

Along with the shoutout, the group wrote, “We are very happy that you both could come, thank you @xomelissab.” Alma’s TikToker sister responded, “Thank you all for your beautiful comments. I am happy that my sister was able to shine some light with her pure and blissful reaction. I appreciate you all!”

We love seeing this synergy between fans and the groups they love and support. More of this please!

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