Chris Pérez Shares He’s Resolved His Differences With The Quintanillas. What Does This Mean For Selena Fans?

Few things have fascinated the Selena fandom more than the ongoing and years-long legal dispute between the late singer’s husband Chris Pérez and her family. For years, fans were confused as to the complete story and were choosing which side they wanted to be on.

All of that might be over now over as both sides of the battle have announced they’ve ‘amicably resolved’ their differences and want to focus on celebrating the legacy of Selena.

Chris Pérez and Selena’s family announce their issues are behind them as they settle long standing dispute.

Chris Pérez and the Quintanilla family have apparently ‘amicably resolved’ their differences over rights to the late Selena’s image. In a pair of announcements made on social media, both sides said they were grateful these issues were behind them and would move forward working to “honor and celebrate the legacy of Selena.”

Abraham Quintanilla took to Facebook to share his own update.

Although the announcement of the resolution isn’t all that surprising – since it was just last week when both parties asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit. However, it’s still encouraging to the Selena fandom to see both sides finally come together focused on uplifting and honoring the legacy of the late icon.

Although it was never a secret that Selena’s father Abraham wasn’t a fan of Chris – he was publicly against their relationship leading Selena and Pérez to marry secretly in 1992. Many were surprised by the animosity between the parties following the singer’s murder. However, the legal battle (which started in 2016) brought all that to the forefront.

Shortly after Selena’s death, Pérez signed an agreement with the Quintanilla family, giving Selena’s father Abraham control over Selena’s image and likeness. The legal dispute between the Quintanilla family and Pérez occurred after the widower’s announcement about the making of a miniseries based on his memoir “Para Selena, con amor,” written by the musician in 2012. Selena’s father filed a lawsuit against Pérez claiming it violated their previous agreement.

Perez responded with a countersuit, saying that he was taken advantage of in an emotional state following the loss of Selena.

All of this appeared to damage the relationship between Pérez and the family further. In 2017, he was left off of the lineup of the Fiesta De La Flor – a concert put on by the city of Corpus Christi and the Quintanilla family to honor Selena – even though Pérez was the headlining act during the inaugural show in 2016.

Regardless of what’s happened in the past, it’s good to see that both sides have come to an agreement their happy with. Now, let’s hope that they’re able to work together in truly upholding the tradition and legacy of the iconic Selena.

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