Chicano Batman’s Eduardo Arenas Just Dropped A Funky, Christmas Cumbia For You To Bump At Your Holiday Parties

Eduardo Arenas of Chicano Batman has a holiday gift for you. Arenas, who records solo as É Arenas, just dropped “Buñuelos a Montón,” a funky, Christmas-themed cumbia inspired by Mexican legends Chico Che and Rigo Tovar. On “Buñuelos,” Arenas sings about the holiday food that he and his family grew up on: tamales, barbacoa, menudo con pata, champurrado and, of course, buñuelos. Just as Chico Che did in his heyday, Arenas doesn’t take himself too seriously on the track, creating a throwback jam that will probably make you chuckle a bit while you show off your moves on the dance floor.

Lorena Endara

Arenas explained the inspiration behind the song:

“I grew up listening to cumbias from Los Bukis’ more tropical catalogue to banda, like Mi Banda El Mexicano and Banda Machos, which is a whole other kinda party. Growing up, I had the pleasure of watching my uncles play in their super-grupera backyard band (El Nuevo Horizonte) and watching them light up the dance floor was surreal, even for a 7-year-old kid. One can always count on cumbias to tell a vivid story, be funny as hell, and always be catchy and relatable to us.”

Download the song for free (only on December 12) via É Arenas’s official Soundcloud.

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