Carmelo Anthony Is More Than Just A Basketball Star And Here’s Proof

Carmelo Anthony is a record-breaking basketball star. He’s also a husband, a father, an activist and volunteers his time and money to help kids develop their passion into a career in basketball. Whether you’re a basketball junkie or “Basketball Wives” junkie, we think we know Anthony and his stats pretty well.

This Afro-Boricua has accomplished so much in his long career that it’s time for a refresher course. Dribble, dribble.

Carmelo Anthony, lovingly nicknamed ‘Melo’ towers at 6’8″.

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He weighs in about 240 lbs and is just 34 years old. While his last season has been rocky, and he’s not signed to a team as of February 1, 2019, Lakers fans are hoping Anthony will bring his solid three-point range to help the team out.

His father, Carmelo Iriate, was a member of the Puerto Rican activist group “Young Lords.”

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Iriarte died of cancer when Melo was just 2 years old. His father spent the 60s and 70s pushing for social justice to free Puerto Rico from colonial bonds. His mother, Mary Anthony, is African-American.

When Melo was 8 years old, the family moved to Baltimore.

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Growing up in Baltimore, he felt like he had to focus on athletics to avoid the world of drugs and violence. He did a great job.

He was often suspended at his Catholic high school.

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He commuted to Towson Catholic High School the first three years of high school. He was suspended several times for skipping classes, though.

The summer he turned 16 years old, he shot up to 6’5″.

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He was already 6 feet tall and turns out he would still grow another 3 inches. At that point, he became locally famous. “The Baltimore Sun” named him the Metro Player of the Year in 2001 and the Baltimore Catholic League Player of the Year.

Once Syracuse University recruited him, they finally earned their first ever NCAA tournament title in 2003.

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During his senior year of high school, he had to switch schools to help him focus on getting his grades back up to be qualified for a Syracuse admittance. After a lot of work, he did it, and it paid off for everyone.

That same year, he dropped out of college and went pro.

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He was chosen 3rd overall in the 2003 NBA draft by the Denver Nuggets. He was third only to LeBron James, whom he had struck up a friendship with at previous tournaments.

By his sixth NBA game, he became the second youngest player to ever score 30 or more points in NBA history.

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The youngest player in history to do so was Kobe Bryant. All his hard work earned him an $80 million five year contract extension with the Denver Nuggets. Work hard, play hard, Melo.

Oh, and he’s won three gold Olympic medals for the U.S.

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And a bronze. Can’t forget that bronze. Thanks for your service, Melo.

He is the most decorated USA basketball player, with four Olympic medals under his belt.

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He was named co-USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year in 2016. While he says his retirement is pending, we may see him out here in 2020.

In 2011, Anthony was traded to the Knicks.

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He chose the number 7 because his son’s birthday is March 7th. It’s also the difference between his high school number 22 and Nuggets 15 (12-15=7).

Melo is a mega-charitable guy. He donated $50,000 to Puerto Rico Relief efforts and then some.

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Caption: “Caption: “Thank you #UNICEFUSA for teaming up with My Foundation to support MI ISLA(My Island). We will be donating over 12,000 emergency hygiene kits that will help over 60,000 children and families. Children and families will now have water purification tablets, water containers, buckets, soap, etc so they can maintain their well-being and prevent the spread of deadly disease.”

In 2015, Anthony founded the North American Soccer League expansion club, Puerto Rico FC.

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At the time, nobody was investing in Puerto Rico after the disaster. Melo saw this as an opportunity to invest in the community.

He also paid for 4,500 Baltimore students’ transportation to March for Our Lives.

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Caption: “Partnering with @mtv @naacp and my city of Bmore to support #MarchForOurLives
Sending over 4,500 kids from Baltimore to the March tomorrow… We’ve all had #ENOUGH! Proud of our youth for standing up gun violence.”

He’s also founded the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center at his alma mater, Syracuse University.

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He donated $3 million to the construction of what will be a home base for young aspiring athletes to be trained as professionals. The donation is believed to be the largest individual donation from a professional athlete to their alma mater.

Anthony reportedly donated $4.3 million dollars to charity thus far.

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In 2006, he was listed as No. 8 in “The Giving Back 30 List of Largest Charitable Donations by Celebrities”, published by “The Giving Back Fund.” You going to heaven.

Chisme be damned, he’s in love with his wife, La La Anthony.

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The two were often seen on reality TV program “Basketball Wives,” and spin-off “La La’s Full Court Life.” They married in 2010 and rumors abound, but mira esto:

Caption: “Sometimes it may not be possible to remind someone everyday about how special they are. Today, I am taking a chance to tell you that you are special, whether I tell you everyday or not. Happy Birthday @lala

The Anthony family helped campaign for Hilary Clinton to beat Trump.

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No word yet on who they’re rooting for in 2020. We’re not ready.

Melo also has a few clothing deals up his sleeve.

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He has a line of Jordans, called the “Melo” line. Recently, he launched a collab with Rag & Bone.

Caption: “My limited edition @ragandbone X @jumpman23 apparel and sneaker collection are now available to purchase online at rag-bone.com. #MeloMade #STAYME7O

Where’s he going next? Nobody knows.

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Rumor has it that Puerto Rico’s national team is trying to recruit him to sign. I’m here to see La La live life upon Puerto Rico’s beaches. Bring it.

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