People Are Listing Cardi B’s Alleged Wig On eBay And The Ads Are Hilarious

Cardi B is known for a lot of things, but if we had to crown her, for one thing, it would be that she doesn’t give AF what people think about her. She can pretty much do as she pleases and she honestly couldn’t care any less if you think she’s provocative, vulgar, low-class, a hustler, you name it, she does not care. Her latest headline maker is something, unlike anything we’ve seen anyone do before.

On July 5, during a concert set at the Wireless Festival in London, Cardi B got “carried away” and threw her wig to the massive crowd.

The moment, of course, was captured and posted to social media. The 26-year-old rapper was in the moment and said on social media that she “GOT CARRIED AWAY,” adding “I want my wig back:/ Dm me.” Well, that looks like it might be an issue. Fans are directing her to eBay if she really wants her wig back. It seems the only way someone will give her wig back to her is if she buys it from them.

When Cardi threw her wig, as seen in the video, several people tried to grab it. To Cardi’s luck, it seems as if more than one person got a hold of her hair because they’re auctioning it off.

The wig is for sale and going for more than $14,000. But how can be sure it’s hers? Several other sellers on eBay allege they were at the show and ripped some hair off her wig. One seller is auctioning the mane off for less than $200. Here’s their hilarious post.

“Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. The biggest part of Cardi Bs wig! She threw it into the crowd at wireless festival London 2019. Different people have different pieces, but my friends and I managed to get the biggest piece! Got video proof! Smells of Cardi B! Clearly only a piece of the wig 100% genuine. Seen fakes of the “full wig intact” but there are videos online of the wig being torn apart. Have videos of it being thrown and my friend and I getting it.”

Some on social media say there’s no way the wig could still be intact. Here’s a video of people allegedly pulling it apart.

So who can we believe? Either way, would you want a portion of Cardi B’s wig?

Why would you want a used, torn apart wig, when you can get a real Cardi B wig — or at least the kind she buys, perfectly new.

Late last year, the Bronx rapper said being Cardi or any stylish woman for that matter is very expensive. “We’re not in the era where b*tches do the blowouts, you know what I’m saying, or the sew-ins and shit. No, a b*tches want the whole full-lace wig. The wig is about $800, $500, it really depends where you get it from,” Cardi said on Instagram.

Whether this was a stunt on Cardi B’s behalf or if she really did get carried away, people on social media are praising the queen of rap for this hilarious move.

Snoop Dog said, “I’m done ????????????????. U may have pulled off. The greatest move in hip hop,” while “Empire” actress Taraji P Henson said, “It be like that sometimes huh man.”

Cardi is making thousands laugh with her wild antics but it wasn’t too long ago that she took time off to look after her health.

As you may remember, Cardi had to take some time off due to her plastic surgery recovery, but now it looks like she’s back in full swing and touring the world. She’s just wrapped up shows in overseas including in Ireland. “I’m so tired my body feels so weak. I’m sooo stressed out as well.”

While we hope she takes it easy for her health’s sake, we also wonder who on earth would buy one of these wigs. Would you buy the wig? Let us know in the comment section below.

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