Cardi B Was Forced To Cancel Her Indianapolis Concert For Legitimate Concern Over A Violent Threat

I’m pretty sure all of our tias always told us that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s definitely true. Especially if you’re a major celebrity where not playing safe could put thousands of people at risk.

So that’s exactly what Cardi B decided to do when it was discovered that someone made a threat against the ”Press” rapper.

Just minutes before her show in Indianapolis, Cardi B had to cancel it because of an “unverified threat” according to local police.

Due to an ‘unverified threat,’ according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the Grammy-winning rapper was advised to cancel her concert at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Tuesday—mere minutes before it was set to begin.

While the police department specified that ‘there is no immediate threat to public safety,’ Cardi’s show has been re-scheduled for September 11, and ticket holders for the evening’s event will be honored then.

Police confirmed the threat via Twitter.

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police, there was never an immediate threat or risk to the public. But they obviously found it credible enough to ask Cardi B to cancel her performance for the night.

Many found it suspicious that the threat against Cardi B comes in the wake of her speaking out about political positions and endorsing Bernie Sanders for President.

Many fans were not happy about the super last minute cancellation.

Most of her fans had already arrived to the venue and were totally ready for a night of “I Like It”, “Press”, and “Money”. So it’s understandable why people may be a bit upset – they were inconvenienced. But seriously people, come on. Safety first!

Cardi B posted an apology and proof that it wasn’t all a scam on her Twitter.

With all the hate she was getting, Cardi B came to Twitter to share a video of her rehearsing just hours before she had to cancel the night’s concert. Proof that she wasn’t sick or late or any other excuse that people were trying to throw at her.

Most people were really understanding and grateful for safety being put first.

And of course, safety comes first. Glad that most people were understanding the entire situation.

Some pointed out that if something did happen, she’d of been blamed for going on with the show.

So well said: “A concert date can be replaced, not lives.” It really is as simple as that. Sure if may suck to have your plans change but imagine if something had happened… Not only would it of been a huge tragedy but people would have blamed CArdi B for not having cancelled her show.

Though some people were basically accusing Cardi B of overreacting.

With all he hate that Cardi B gets – especially since she started speaking out about the Trump administration and endorsing Bernie Sanders – it’s not at all an overreaction to err on the side of safety.

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