Here’s Why Chance The Rapper And Cardi B Think Trump Will Win The 2020 Election

Yes, the glass is half empty for Cardi B and Chance The Rapper who told T.I. on his podcast ExpediTIously that they think Trump will inevitably win again in 2020. The Rhythm & Flow co-hosts shared their political thoughts and they were not particularly uplifting. 

Maybe the hopelessness stems from the fact that Cardi B is a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders and is politically engaged — if you’re paying attention to the current news cycle, staying optimistic can be hard. 

According to Pew Research, seven in 10 Americans, “feel worn out by the amount of news there is these days, compared with only three-in-ten who say they like the amount of news they get.” 

Political apathy can lead to low voter turnout. In fact, a Facebook study found that people were more likely to vote if they saw their friends were voting. While Chance The Rapper and Cardi B are well within their right to feel pessimistic about the election, unseating Trump will only be possible if Democrats are enthusiastically voting in 2020. 

Chance The Rapper thinks Trump’s re-election is inevitable. 

“The reason that we keep getting Presidents that we don’t want is because we keep getting tricked into thinking we have a choice,” Chance said. “I totally believe — and y’all can quote me on this a couple years down the line — I think Trump is going to win again at the next election because he’s got the biggest base.”

Chance is wrong. We do have a choice — it’s right there on the ballot. Only 31% of eligible voters under 30 voted in the November 2018 midterm elections, the most in history — and Democrats crushed it. That means 70 percent stayed home. Young people support Democratic candidates 2-to-1 — together under 30s could fundamentally transform politics in America. 

“Our swing voter is not red-to-blue,” said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez before she won the groundbreaking election that made her the youngest congressperson in history.  “Our swing voter is the voter to the non-voter, the non-voter to the voter.”

Voters are more likely to be white, wealthier and older. They’re less likely to be poor, Latinx or Asian American. Perhaps, that’s why the current version of American politics reflects a bunch of old, rich white people? Of course, it’s not the only reason: there is gerrymandering, voter suppression, voter purges, election hacking, and the electoral college to overcome. Still, if the majority of eligible voters actually voted many of these obstacles might not matter.  

However, as Voto Latino notes 11.7 million Latinxs voted in 2018 for a historic turnout, and 25 percent were first-time voters. ¡Mi Gente!

“The next President after Donald Trump will be our first-ever independent President,” Chance predicted. “And if they not independent, they’ll be from a fringe party.”

A third-party presidential candidate has never won more than 19 percent of the vote and that was Ross Perot in 1992 — he didn’t win a single electoral vote.  

Cardi B believes Democrats aren’t in love with any candidate. 

“I really hate to say it, but sometimes I do believe that Trump will be winning (the election),” Cardi said. “Just because due to the fact that every single time I don’t see nobody saying that they love a Democratic candidate. There’s no candidate that people are saying we love, we want them to win.”

Cardi is partially correct, there’s no Democratic candidate the party is in love with yet – because we’re in a primary. There are three frontrunners Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden who have been consistently on top. 

Cardi B endorses Bernie Sanders.

In 2016, Cardi B endorsed Bernie Sanders and appears to be feeling the Bern in 2020 too. 

“He’s just really like, a person that cares. And I really want that,” she told Tip. “I want somebody that cares for not just America but everybody in America! Every person white, every person of color, Black, Hispanic, Muslim—everybody! He cares for a whole country.”

Cardi interviewed Bernie this summer about health care, immigration, and minimum wage. She told him she struggled to make ends meet no matter how many jobs she held before she was famous.

Bernie responded, “So the first thing we do is we make sure that young people in this country, Black, Latino, Native American, whoever they may be, get the kind of education and job training they need so they can go out and get good jobs. We have to invest in jobs and education.”

If you want to figure out who you should vote for based on your beliefs and what you want, this quiz can help. 

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