Los Ángeles Azules Is Trending After Critics Take To Social Media Hoping To Cancel Their Song ’17 Años’

Fans of the Mexican group Los Ángeles Azules woke up to the news that the band was under fire for a classic hit, ’17 años’. Many on social media are fighting to get the song canceled for what they say is a song that normalizes and encourages pedophilia.

Although there have been tons of comments in support of canceling the song, many have defended the popular track, starting a heated debate about whether the song is offensive and incites crime or if it really is about pure and innocent love.

All the dram started on Monday after a Twitter user pointed out that the track ’17 años’ “tells the story of an old man taking advantage of a young girl.” He tweeted “If you have a party have the decency to never play the song ’17 años’. The lyrics speak of how an old man takes advantage of a girl. Why do people play this song with obviously reprehensible content?”

That tweet set off a firestorm of controversy with people with a wide range of opinions taking to social media to voice their thoughts. Many supported the original tweet, agreeing that the song should be canceled. But many also suggested that people “not make drama for such an iconic song that’s played at Mexican parties” and some dismissed the allegations by saying that all the drama was just an overreaction on the part of a younger, sensitive generation.

’17 años’ is one of the most iconic songs of the group, as it helped catapult them to international fame. It was included for the first time on the album Una Lluvia De Rosas, in which ‘El Listón de Tu Pelo’ is also included, a song that would position them at number one on the Billboard list.

The group has also spoken out about the controversy.

Faced with the allegations that one of their most popular songs of all time “normalizes and encourages pedophilia,” the group responded with a post on its official Facebook page. The photo shows two young lovers, supposedly 17-years-old, at a carnival.

“This is what ’17 años’ is about. End of statement, “wrote the group, alluding to the fact that said song narrates the relationship between a young couple experiencing their first love.

But the lyrics seem to suggest it could be problematic.

“Dude, you know I just met a woman who is still a girl. You know, she’s 17 still. She is young and she is already my girlfriend. I love her innocence, 17 years old, I love her mistakes, 17 years old. I am her first boyfriend, her first love. She is quiet, shy, innocent she has that look. He takes her hand and feels something strange. He hugs her, she hugged me and she began to tremble, to tremble with fear telling me that she had never felt like this in her life.”

Los Ángeles Azules remains one of Mexico’s most popular bands. And their track ’17 años’ is a hit dating back to 1999 – its video has more than 422 million views on YouTube and the band averages 8.2 million listeners per month on Spotify.

Despite the band’s statement, the lyrics are still generating a wide array of opinions. The word is still out on whether the song is about a young girl who has fallen in love with a boy her age or a predatory adult who seeks to take advantage of her supposed ‘innocence.’

What do you think about the controversy?

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