She Played The Guitar, Danced Flawlessly, And Left Fans Shook At Her Performance This Weekend

Camila Cabello performed at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival this weekend and her fans are still recovering from the excitement and surprises she dropped on them. The Mexican-Cuban-American pop star is currently on tour with Bruno Mars but still made time for a full solo performance at the music festival in Jones Beach, New York.

Fans were living when Camila Cabello took the stage of Billboard Hot 100 Festival.

She performed “I Have Questions,” her Machine Gun Kelly collaboration “Bad Things” and the yet-to-be-released single “I’ll Never Be The Same.”

People were most shook when dancers put an electric guitar over her shoulder and she rocked out.

It’s not the first time she’s picked up an ax though. She has proven in the past that she knows how to play a guitar. Just check out her “Werk/Energy” mashup on YouTube.

Not even the sound of fans singing in the background could ruin the crowd’s vibes.

Tbh, you’d be singing too. Don’t lie.

Cabello kept that energy up by having guitarist Ashlee Juno give the audience life with a massive shred.

D A Y U M !!

Camila even pulled out her fierce dance moves and made it look easy.

Meanwhile, I’m getting winded just watching her.

Fans proved they would do whatever it took to see her.

That’s dedication.

Cabello took to Twitter to thank Billboard and share a montage of her experience.


Fans are still recovering.

Seems like Cabello definitely gave the fans the performance they wanted.

@NiallHoranBH / Twitter

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