Camila Cabello Finally Dropped A Video For ‘Never Be The Same’ And It Is Giving Fans Life

“And I’m a sucker for the way that you move, babe.”

Camila Cabello dropped her first solo album “Camila” on Jan. 12 and fans could not get enough of it. Now, there is finally a music video for the first song on the album “Never Be the Same” and it’s very adult. The opening shots are all about Cabello in her hotel room ordering room service in nothing but a button shirt. She is flirting relentlessly with the person behind the camera telling them to stop through a satisfied grin. Then, out of nowhere, we are transported to an almost sci-fi, futuristic world with Cabello in a red jacket that looks totally out of this world. The rest of the video jumps between incredible and outlandish scenes/outfits and the home video from the hotel.

Fans are already in love with the video.

In less than 24 hours the video have garnered more than 1.6 million views. That is quite the feat for your first music video since your album dropping. The amount of people viewing the video got “Never Be the Same” to the No. 1 trending position on YouTube.

Cabello interacted with some fans on Twitter to explain the video.

The video gets the viewer to feel the different emotions that Cabello says you feel while in love. There are moments of unbridled joy, loneliness, sadness, sexiness, and sheer bliss.

However, fans are most excited to see that Cabello has not changed since her time in school.

Fame and success has a way of changing people and Cabello fans truly believe she is the same person that audition on “X Factor”.

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