Fans Are Grieving The Price For Concert Tickets To See Camila Cabello With Bruno Mars

Camilizers are losing their minds after Camila Cabello announced that she will be the opening act for Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic Tour.” The response is everything you would expect: fans are shook and do not know what to do with themselves other than to celebrate the announcement. As confirmed by Cabello’s website, the Cuban-Mexican-American pop star will be touring with Mars from July 20 to August 22.

This was the tweet that set off a firestorm of excitement among Cabello fans on Twitter.

After all, it is pretty major to be touring with Mars.

People are excited for Cabello, who has proclaimed her love for Mars and his musical artistry.

“For years I’ve looked up to Bruno as a vocalist, musician, entertainer and artist, so….. I’m geeked ⚡️ ⚡️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️,” Cabello tweeted in a follow-up tweet.

Like, they are very shook by this news.

Fans are so happy for Cabello striking out on her first solo tour that they are openly weeping.

Sure. She has performed at some pretty big venues as part of Fifth Harmony but this is her first solo tour. First. Solo. Tour.

Some fans are trying to figure out how to scrounge up enough money to go to the concert

If Joanne The Scammer can do it, so can you, right?

While others have admitted defeat and thrown in the tear-soaked towels.

The budget is not in your favor here.

A few fans are just going to throw their money at the wall and deal with being broke later.

But, mainly, fans are just so proud of Cabello following through with her solo dream.

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