Here’s How Fans Reacted When Camila Cabello Vaguely Promised To Use Their Doodles During Her First Solo Tour

Within two days of announcing the concert dates for her “Never Be The Same” tour, Camila Cabello’s first solo tour has completely sold out. As a way to show her appreciation for her fans, Cabello has asked everyone to submit their doodles, which she describes in a Twitter post as “anything that makes you smile, any messages you want me to see every night when I sing these songs to you.”

In response, Camilizers across the internet have submitted the most detailed and artistic doodles. Here are just a few of them:

Many of these illustrations stem from the love fans have for Cabello.

The details in this illustration are amazing.

Now that Cabello has opened the door for creative content submissions, fans are taking advantage and are bringing back Cabello fan art they have created in the past.

Can all of this art be printed on apparel and be made available for purchase please?

A repeated element you see in these illustrations is the butterfly.

I am in love with this.

For this fan in particular, the butterfly stands for hope.

Love that this doodle represents how this fan relates to Cabello on a personal level. Tbh, a lot of us can relate to the immigrant life.

Some of these illustrations are drawn with colored pencils.

So few people can create art like this with the most basic tools.

And others are drawn with highly pigmented markers.

These are so beautiful.

In addition to drawings, Camilizers are also submitting songs they have written that are inspired by Cabello.

It is clear that many of these creative illustrations go far beyond just a doodle, which is defined as a rough drawing or scribble.

Perfection. ✨

But even the drawings that are in fact doodles, still come off as beautiful album art.

Can’t wait to see how Cabello will incorporate these art pieces into her first solo tour. ?

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