Jimmy Fallon Gives A Shoutout To Camila Cabello For Breaking The Record As A Female Artist

“She has held the number one position on the pop charts for the past seven weeks.”

Camila Cabello recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she celebrated a major milestone.  According to Billboard, Cabello’s song, “Havana,” has earned her a slate as one of the few female leads to have the longest running songs to top pop charts in five years. For seven consecutive weeks “Havana” has clinched the number one position in the charts. It’s a pretty big deal and something that hasn’t been done since 2013 by Taylor Swift.

In contrast to Cabello’s last performance on The Tonight Show, which was very vibrant and upbeat, this recent performance took on a different tone. With a slower tune and darker colored wardrobe, Cabello gave the audience a more emotional performance of her single “Never Be the Same.”

The song is just one of the many songs released by Cabello since her departure from Fifth Harmony. Along with “Never Be the Same,” her songs “Havana” and “Real Friends,” will also appear on her debut album “Camila.”

Keep an eye out for the new album, set to be released Friday, Jan. 12.

Congrats, Camila! ✨

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