Fans Can’t Get Enough Of This Cafe Tacvba’s NPR Tiny Desk Performance And For Good Reason

Café Tacvba, the most talented Chilangos, are back on the road promoting their eighth studio album “Jei Beibi” with their Niu Güeis Tur 2018. So, because this legendary rock band can basically do whatever they want at this point — playing for big audiences or small — the quintet brought their sound to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series.

Café Tacvba played an acoustic set for a selected few on NPR Tiny Desk. Needless to say, fans  freaked out.

Videoteca Tacvba / YouTube

I’ve seen Café Tacvba countless of times, but imagine seeing them in a super small setting, especially in an acoustic set.

NPR Tiny Desk is an awesome gig for a band like Café Tacvba because their music transcends time and space.

Videoteca Tacvba / YouTube

Bands and artists from all over the world and all genres have played there, so seeing a Latino band on that program was even more special. The show has given so many independent and little known artists a platform for them to share their sound in the purest form.

Café Tacvba brought the goods.

Videoteca Tacvba / YouTube

The 19-minute set began with band playing “Olita del Altamar,” “Diente de León,” the classic tune “Las Flores” and “Que No.”

The band didn’t just bring their unique sound to the musical space. Lead singer Rubén Isaac Albarrán Ortega showed up in his eclectic style.

NPR Tiny Desk

Who else but Ortega could rock such a look while delivering the Latino sound?

Café Tacvba performed another important acoustic set in 1995 on MTV’s Unplugged.

It was so cool to hear this song acoustic once again more than 20 years later.

During “Las Flores,” Ortega asked the people in the office to raise their hands up in the air so it would feel like a garden with different aromas and different kinds of colors.

NPR Tiny Desk / Videoteca Tacvba / YouTube

How I wish I were right there!

Here’s the entire set.

Ortega explained the meanings of the songs and translated the titles for the audience to feel fully involved in the performance. The set takes the listener on an emotional journey touching on every emotion.

Their fans from all over the world praised their performance.

Now, if only they could take this acoustic show on the road. People would go bonkers, don’t you think?

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