Bruno Mars Destroyed The Stage At The BET Awards Then Took A Nap In The Audience

In an awards show full of excitement, Bruno Mars shook it hard at the 2017 BET Awards. Mars and his bandmates opened the show and brought the house down with an energetic performance. Complete with matching baseball jerseys, sharp dance moves and accompanied by some nimble instrument players, the team performed “Perm” from Mars’ most recent album, “24k Magic.”

Bruno Mars brought his A-game at last night’s BET Awards.

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Mars’ bandmates and back up singers also joined him on stage…

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And together they were a well-oiled machine, moving in step and destroying their performance.

Credit: BET / Giphy

His solo at the end showed off his amazing footwork.

Credit: BET

Mars and the gang brought the star-studded crowd to their feet.

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It was a different story, however, later on in the evening. After having given his all on stage, he understandably started to doze off.

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I mean, the man’s been on tour for months now. You’d be tired, too. ?

But, before he could wake up, Twitter had some words for Mr. Sleepy.

Some were cracking up.

Others thought he looked like ‘Boo’ from Monsters, Inc. falling asleep.

Either way, when he was announced as the winner for Best Male R&B/ Pop Artist, he found plenty of energy to stay awake.

Credit: BET / Giphy

And you know Twitter got him for that one, too.

This one is pretty accurate. ?

When he got up to accept his award, he was much livelier.

He thanked BET for the opportunity and stood awake throughout his whole speech.

Check out the full jam-packed performance below.

Credit: BET/ Elisama / Vimeo

Don’t be sleep like Bruno or you’ll miss the best parts.

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