Someone Started Playing Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ In A NYC Subway Station And What Followed Is Peak New York

Nothing gets the blood pumping in the morning like some light cardio, and that’s exactly what folks got at one New York City subway station. It wasn’t your run of the mill cardio routine that you see in the gyms though. Instead, this lively bunch of New Yorkers out New Yorked themselves and had an impromptu dance party to the bop of the year, “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B, cuz there’s nothing like Cardi B when it’s time for some cardi-o.

This video of New Yorkers dancing to “Bodak Yellow” in the New York subway is everything you’ve ever needed to see.

Cardi B basically owns 2017 at this point and this video proves it. Her song managed to literally stop New York City commuters in their tracks so they could have a dance break. If there is one thing to know about New Yorkers is that most aren’t going to stop for anything if they’re rushing to get somewhere. But Cardi B seems to do the trick.

It is comforting to know that in times like this music can still bring people together.

Nothing but respect for MY national anthem.

The song’s power can no longer be questioned.

This video proves that “Bodak Yellow” has transcended all demographics to become a truly universal hit.

People were so moved by the song that they fell to the ground.

Cardi B has seriously given the American people so much to be grateful for.

^^ This.

The video has left many feeling like they missed out on one of America’s greatest moments on social media.

It is our diversity and love of Cardi B that keeps the nation moving most days.

Congratulations, Cardi. You did that.

And big shout out to all the New Yorkers that made the greatest viral dancing video of 2017.

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