If You Love Selena’s ‘Si Una Vez,’ Here’s A Bilingual Cover Featuring Becky G, Frankie J and Kap-G

I’m not completely into the idea of people covering Selena Quintanilla. I mean, what’s the point? Can anyone really come close to the original? However, when I heard a reworked version of one of her classics, “Si Una Vez,” I was all ears.

Back in April, we told you that Play-N-Skillz had released a cover of Selena’s “Si Una Vez,” featuring  Leslie Grace and Frankie J.

Credit: PlayNSkillzMusic / YouTube

Great video, right?

Then came the bilingual version of the song featuring Becky G!

Credit: PlayNSkillzMusic / YouTube

While this is a cute video, you can’t get the full effect… until now.

Billboard reports that a live performance was filmed in late May at Rosedale Park in San Antonio, Texas. Here’s the whole crew singing it live:

Credit: The Beat 98.5 / YouTube

Here’s the star-studded lineup: Becky G, Play-N-Skillz, Frankie J and Kap-G. Billboard also reports that the Spanish version peaked at No. 22 and is currently at the 50th position. Will Becky G’s presence help nudge the song to a high position the way Justin Bieber did with Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”?

By the way, this isn’t the first time Becky G has covered Selena.

Credit: Arodii_P  / YouTube

Here she is singing “Como La Flor” and “Baila Esta Cumbia.

And who can forget Becky G imitating Selena on “Sabado Gigante”?

Credit: Univision / YouTube

She’s had a lot of practice and it’s paid off!

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