Becky G Mourns Loss Of Her Abuelito With This Powerful Message So Many Of Us Can Relate To

On Monday, Becky G’s life changed forever. The Mexican-American singer said goodbye to her abuelito, Miguel, who was one of the great pillars of her life. For those of us who grew up knowing about the sacrifices our parents and grandparents made to help us become the successes we are today, it’s a sentiment all of us can relate to.

Despite the immense loss, Becky was able to say farewell and even shared precious moments from her childhood along with her last goodbye on social media, where her fans and supporters came through with an outpouring of support.

Becky G, is heart broken following the loss of her abuelo Miguel.

On Monday, Becky G announced that her beloved grandfather Don Miguel had passed away. The ‘Mayores’ singer shared a tear-jerking post in Spanish to her Instagram to honor the man who made her success possible. Don Miguel immigrated to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico to provide a future for their family.

“Oh, how I will miss you, abuelo. Although it f-ing hurts that I will never be able to hug you again,” she wrote in a photo of her hugging her grandfather after a mariachi performance, “I know that God has welcomed you with open arms and that your spirit is more present than ever,” she added.

Becky also revealed that she was able to say goodbye to him through a dream, which left her a little calmer when saying goodbye:

“Thank you for visiting me in my dream, I felt you, I heard you, and I agree with you papi. I’m blessed and thankful for all of the experiences and memories that I have with you,” she continued. “It’s for you, my grandparents, that I am who I am and I’m so thankful for what you’ve taught me, what you’ve done and sacrificed for your family.”

It was a beautiful tribute that was difficult to not tear up while reading.

Becky’s relationship with her abuelito was evident even in her lyrics.

Becky G has long been open about the impact that her grandparents – in particular her abuelo – she even rapped about him in her song “Becky from the Block.”

“My family lived in my grandpa’s garage/So I started working just to help out my pops,” she raps on the track. “It all started when my grandpa crossed over/Now one day I’m a be a crossover.”

And she was very open with the world about the sacrifices her abuelos made to give her family a better life.

It was back in 2016 when Becky spoke with Rolling Stone about her grandfather’s struggles while coming to the U.S. She explained how he was “nearly choked” by fumes while he was being smuggled inside a truck.

“The American dream of my grandparents … was just wanting a better life for their families, a better education, better job opportunities, a safer way of living,” Gomez said in the 2016 interview.

She echoed sentiments that so many of us can relate to.

“Me being second-generation American, knowing that so much sacrifice has got into me being able to just go to school, or being able to walk out and not have to worry about being deported somewhere. Little things like that, it’s so easy to live days without thinking about it,” Gomez said.

Becky has also been open about her Latina heritage and her pride in her family.

In a beautiful essay shared with PopSugar, Becky G goes into more detail about her family’s story.

“My dream was always to be an entertainer and entrepreneur, to travel and share my passion with the world, to make something of myself and for my family,” she wrote. “Now, when I walk on a stage, onto a set, or even sit down to do an interview, I think of them. I know they’re watching. To have their support means the world, because if it weren’t for their bravery, I would not be where I am today.”

Her fans and fellow celebs came to support the singer in this great loss.

Just minutes after sharing her heartfelt post to Instagram, her fans and friends came through with an outpouring of support.

“I am very sorry for your loss my beautiful baby. I love you and I send you a hug with a lot of love 🙌🏼✨💫😔 ”, wrote Thalía.

Chiquis Rivera noted: “I love you amiga. Sister, may God have him in the glory of him 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️ ”; and Rodner Figueroa wrote among hundreds of other messages: “I am so sorry Becky!!! Only time lessens the pain. A hug and comfort to you and your family. ❤️ ”.

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