Bad Bunny Hating Dad Wakes Up To Find Out His Daughter Is The Star Of New Music Video

Like so many Latino dads, Pepo García is using his Facebook platform to express all the opinions. He shares photos of his golden retrievers wearing hats, protests “los animales” who hunt actual wild animals, and Hurricane Maria recovery. Also, six months ago, he shared about how he thinks Bad Bunny is a bad role model for young men and women.

This week, he woke up to see his own daughter land the lead role in Bad Bunny’s latest music video, “Callaita.” ????

He had something to say about that.

Credit: Pepo García / Facebook

Apparently, during the last six months, his youngest daughter, Natalia, started a modeling career. Claro, her first big job would be as Bad Bunny’s love interest in a music video.

Pepo has two daughters and two adorable golden retriever hijos.

Pepo García / Facebook

Of course, Pepo is worried about the entire genre of reggaeton affecting young girls’ minds, but Natalia has a mind of her own.

“Those who know me, know I’m not a huge fan of Bad Bunny,” Pepo wrote.

Bad Bunny / YouTube

“A few months ago, I made a post criticizing the message of some of his music, and that of his foundation,” Pepo confessed. Of course, we had to dig up the post and it’s glorious.

“The message can’t be different.”

Bad Bunny / YouTube

Late last year, Pepo had posted this message: “The message can’t be different. On the stage it can’t be one and at the good bunny foundation all the opposite. That causes confusion!!!”

He was upset that the Good Bunny Foundation was touting teaching “good values,” while he thinks El Conejo Malo is singing los malos.

Bad Bunny / YouTube

Consistency was the ultimate value to Pepo. The gist of his comments was along the lines of, “How could Bad Bunny be singing against domestic violence and then sing about partying with the ladies?”

A very active comment thread commenced.

Pepo García / Facebook

Los jovenes coming to the defense of Bad Bunny and los viejos aghast that Good Bunny would want to teach good values.

The best part was that Natalia actually called out her dad on Facebook.

Pepo García / Facebook

Pepo gave the classic response: I’m allowed to express my opinions, mija.

The best part is that Pepo wished “I was wrong…and make me look bad.”

Pepo García / Facebook

He did acknowledge that the jovenes might have a different perspective. In one comment reply, he said, “Although I recently asked some young people how they felt with the lyrics and if it was not offensive to them and the answer was that they did not set on that. It seems to be like bad bunny says it’s a new religion his music. If it went on the line of values – – which I don’t think I do – – I would be the first one to buy and listen to his music.”

His daughter helped make that happen.

Bad Bunny / YouTube

In his recent post, he announced that, “One of the people who disagreed with me was my youngest daughter, Natalia, who stayed ‘Callaita.’”

Update: Pepo still doesn’t like Bad Bunny.

Pepo García / Facebook

Then he announced to his Facebook friends that, “After this Natalia entered the field of modeling and to my surprise today in the morning, she called me to inform me that her first job in her new career was as the primary model of the new song ‘Callaita’ by Bad Bunny that has just come out.”

Sorry, Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny / YouTube

You might not have won over Pepo’s heart, but la nueva religion is going strong, conejito.

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