Women Cannot Stop Cackling Over A New Meme That Emerged From Last Night’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode

The newest season of “Bachelor in Paradise” premiered this week, which means that we’re in for another season of booze, tears, bikinis, and a lot of drama. While the entirety of the internet is absorbed in all of the drama surrounding the newest f-boy, Blake, and his tangled web of hookups, here at FIERCE by Mitú, we’re more interested in tacos than drama. That’s right, tacos

The premise of “Bachelor in Paradise” centers around a group of former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants who congregate on an island in the hopes of finding love. Their stated goal is to stay in a committed relationship on the island, or you’ll be sent home, single and humiliated. Naturally, this makes for the contestants attempting to balance between dating as many people as possible and settling down with the one they’re most interested in. 

And, as usual, the competition is fierce. 

In the second episode of “Paradise,” hot -sauce enthusiast Jane made a little snack for John Paul Jones as a love-offering.


Considering she admitted she was most excited for “Paradise” so she could “eat tacos for breakfast lunch and dinner”, it’s no surprise that tacos were her go-to food choice. And as we learned from her intro, Jane is super into hot sauce. Like, so into hot sauce that she didn’t hesitate to squeeze sriracha right onto her toothbrush and literally brush her teeth with it. Yup. And the lucky contestant who was the recipient of her spicy taco? None other than the Hair-Flip King himself, John Paul Jones. 

When they had had some alone time, Jane attempted to seduce JPJ by tempting him with some homemade tacos. But when JPJ bit into one, he just couldn’t handle the heat. John Paul Jones began coughing and gagging so hard from the spiciness, he had to walk away from their one-on-one time to dry-heave on the beach. The sound of his gagging was so loud that nearby contestants were curious as to what all the noise was. He ended up clearly vomiting up the taco that Jane had served him.

Jane, to her credit, felt really bad about feeding John Paul Jones the fire-filled taco.


In fact, Jane was so overcome with guilt that she began to tear up while talking to the camera and asked for “a minute” to collect herself. But aside from the tears, the scene was pretty light-hearted and hilarious in the midst of a season that has so far been pretty heavy and drama-filled. Although we don’t know Jane very well (she was kicked off Colton’s season the first night), John Paul Jones was hands-down the breakout star of “The Bachelorette’s” last season. Seeing him vomit up a spicy taco just added to the pantheon of odd-but-memorable JPJ moments.

Twitter, meanwhile, couldn’t contain their glee JPJ’s over-the-top reaction to the ultra-spicy taco. 

This scene might go down in “Bachelor” history as the scene that launched a thousand memes.

Of course, there’s the requisite comparison to the coughing cat:

John Paul Jones truly looked as if he’d been poisoned. And knowing what we know about reality TV, we wouldn’t be surprised if the producers made sure to make the tacos inedible.

If we’re honest, this just made us love JPJ even more:

Maybe it’s best that JPJ sticks to chicken nuggets like he’s done in the past. That seems to be a safer bet. 

We wouldn’t hate JPJ having a spin-off show all to himself.

Honestly, we thought all the gagging was fake up until the point where the actual vomit came out of his mouth. Shudder.

The taco debacle was a welcome diversion from all the love triangles and quadrilaterals in “Paradise.”  Although the John Paul Jones and Jane sage was fun to watch, the real story was how the mediocre and underwhelming Blake was managing to seduce and manipulate all of the most eligible women on “Paradise”. According to former pageant queen Caelynn, Blake had previously slept with her and another contestant, Kristina, in the span of 24 hours. He then begged Caelynn to keep their tryst a secret and called it a “mistake”.

The plot thickened when Blake arrived on “Paradise” and used his date card to woo Tayshia and make out with her in a hot tub. As if that wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to shoot his shot with Hannah G., claiming that they have “something special” due to the fact that they were DM’ing before ever arriving on the island. So, basically, Blake has slept with or is trying to sleep with, the majority of the girls on the “Paradise” island. And that’s just not a good look. As for us, we just hope that “Paradise” brings us more hilarious John Paul Jones scenarios.

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