‘Ingrid Goes West’ Will Make Everyone Think Twice About What They Are Sharing On Social Media

This is probably the most Aubrey Plaza movie yet.

The trailer for “Ingrid Goes West” is out and the little teaser is giving us just enough to know that this is definitely an Aubrey Plaza project. The movie, which won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at Sundance Film Festival 2017, deals with something many younger moviegoers will relate to: social media obsessions. Plaza’s character Ingrid is like any other young woman, except she becomes terrifyingly obsessed with other young female “social influencers” and tries to befriend them. This movie is definitely addressing society’s obsession with living a perfect life on social media, which fits in neatly with the sometimes dark sense of humor that Plaza has built her career on.

We know from the jump that Ingrid might have a few problems.

NEON / YouTube

You can just feel the nervous energy coming off the screen when Plaza’s character sees a social celebrity’s wedding post. She looks like a friend who was left out of the party.

And it doesn’t take long for her to arrive at the wedding in time to pepper spray the bride. #tragic

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Ingrid does spend some time in a psychiatric ward to deal with her obsession of imitating and befriending social stars, but it doesn’t last.

After she gets out of the  psychiatric ward, Ingrid does what she does and moves out west to stalk and befriend her newest social media obsession, Taylor Sloan.

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What follows is a pulse-pounding montage of Ingrid attempting to become Sloan’s bestie.

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