WATCH: San Antonio Drag Queen Ada Vox Belts Out ‘Creep’ By Radiohead And Makes It To The Top 24

Ada Vox’s rendition of “Creep” will leave you quaking.

Ada Vox, aka Adam Sanders, is reliving his dream of making his way through “American Idol.” The Texas queen left the audience in awe when she performed “Creep” by Radiohead and gave it all of his personality. Vox really played with her range as he dropped his voice low and turned the high notes to really high notes. Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan watched from the balcony and were in shock as the singer left it all on the stage.

Vox showed up to his critique with the judges as Adam Sanders to show the judges all sides of him. All three judges were so impressed with the transformation from Ada to Adam and what it means for Vox. Yet, Perry did have a question for Vox that might show us what is yet to come.

Perry: “Do you think you are good enough to compete at Adam?”

Vox/Sanders: “I believe 100 percent that my talent speaks for itself.”

Overall, the judges showered Vox with praise and love for his willingness to show his true self to the judges for the deliberation that would decide whether or not he stayed on for the top 24. Vox’s first time on “American Idol” as Sanders ended with the singer being int he top 50. Fortunately for the singer, this season is different and he was cleared to go through to the top 24.

“I’m glad you showed up in your true form because I want to tell your true self that the dynamic duo will be going forward,” Richie told Vox/Sanders. “You’re now in the class of 24.”

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