Regional Mexican Singer Luis Coronel Reunited With TV Host And Things Got Emotional

It’s been five years since Luis Coronel was signed to his first record deal, which radically changed his life forever. The 21-year-old transformed from an amateur boxer to Regional Mexican superstar thanks to YouTube, lots of talent, and by overcoming incredible obstacles.

Last week, Coronel appeared on a Los Angeles morning news show and things got super sentimental. Take a look:


Credit: Good Day L.A. / Facebook

Alex Cambert, who was a special co-host on “Good Day L.A.,” began the interview by attempting to introduce Coronel and said that two have known each other for at least four years. He could hardly get the words out. Host Liz Habib put her arm around Cambert to help him get through the moment.

Cambert spoke about the tough experiences the Coronel had to go through, including losing his father when he was a child, working at a boxing gym to help out his family financially, and even contemplating suicide.

“I am so proud of you, papa,” Cambert said to the young singer.

In a Facebook post, Cambert posted this message about his personal interview with Coronel.

“This got emotional today on Good Day LA. The show was gracious enough to allow me to invite Luis Coronel and he was gracious enough to accept. This was part of his first major English language interview. He’s a remarkable young man and I’m proud of how well he’s handled all his success.”

In a backstage interview at “Good Day L.A.,” Coronel was able to speak in depth about his heartbreaking situation.


Credit: Good Day L.A. / Facebook

“It’s unbelievable because at those moments in my life when I was living through that, I really thought that I’d be alone,” Coronel said on “Good Day L.A.” “I thought that my life was going to be lonely.”

With so many emotions running high, Coronel barely had the chance to speak about his latest gig: he’s opening for Prince Royce on a tour that kicks off on June 29 in Texas.

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