The 2000s Were A Crazy Time For Fashion And These Photos Show Our Favorite Stars Rocking Super Dated Looks

The early ’00s were not a kind time, fashion wise. While the ’90s are back in style (much to some of our chagrin), we’re hoping and praying that the butterfly clips, glitter gel and Juicy velour sweatsuits (no matter how comfy they are) stay in the past.

Even so, all us fashion victims weren’t alone. Some of the biggest Latino pop stars were rocking just as embarrassing looks as we were. Yes, it was in style back then, but looking back – yikes! No one was safe from making major fashion faux pas, and here are 25 examples of some of the biggest Latino pop stars looking soooo 2000’s.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Credit: Who What Wear

The pink velour jumpsuit is one thing (and we’ll likely be seeing it appear in various forms). But the matching pink hat, single strap butterfly heels, and one leg rolled up? Oh J.LO, that is a lewk that does not stand the test of time.

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