25 Latinas Instagram Reinas To Follow Right Now

It’s easy to fall in love with a Latina who knows her worth and uses her platform to raise the voices of other brown girls. Latin America is a region brimming with such women, ones who grind away in an effort to achieve their dreams and life missions of propelling the fight for equality. But, alas, we can’t all hop our with across all of the countries that these Latinas of Instagram live in to see this firsthand. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much digging around to find these women and their influences. In fact, you can find them on Instagram!

Check out these Latinas of Instagram whose posts are pure Insta-bait.

1. Johanna Toruño

Instagram / johannareign

Toruño is the brains and talent behind The Unapologetically Brown Series, an art poster project that sends street love letters to brown girls. The Salvadoran artist is based out of Queens, New York and uses her Instagram account to document the pieces of art she plasters around the city. In an interview with FIERCE, Toruño emphasized her platform’s effort to “combat the whiteness of the streets.”

2. Raquel Cordova

Instagram / raqcsworld

Cordova is a radio/TV personality and founder of BRAZEN By RaqC, a lifestyle and clothing brand. Most of the pics and videos posted to her personal Instagram account are memes that include words to live by. She’s also the mastermind behind the popular Instagram account @amigas4mysoul.

3. Reyna Zavala

Instagram / lasalvadoreina

This San Antonio, Texas-based singer goes by the name La SalvadoReina. Her claim to the throne of cumbia is pretty much backed by her large number of loyal Instagram followers who go to her page to check out the videos she posts of herself singing the classic genre. In an interview with FIERCE, Zavala explained that one of her main motivations for producing music involves getting the industry to begin to include Salvadoran artistry. “I want to speak to the little girls, the ones who, like me, are thinking, why are there no Salvadorans. It’s about representation and visibility,” she said.

4. Theresa Michelle Flores

Instagram / reesaflowers

Flores is a Mexican-Salvadoran Latinx champion, and her status as a business-owner makes her a bomb ass boss lady, too. Her Etsy shop, Mi Chiquita TMF, creates and sells customized canvasses and prints that reviewers adore. The strong messages behind her posts are empowering and full of the encouragement every Latina could use on their journey to greatness.

5. Christy Turlington Burns

Instagram / cturlington

You probably already know Christy Turlington from her days as a supermodel. In the fashion industry, she was grouped with Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista as the “Trinity.” These days, the model is still doing her fashion thing, but her Instagram account primarily focuses on her advocacy for global maternal health.

6. Diana Martinez

Instagram / dianaamartineez

La linda salvadoreña has an Instagram page packed with makeup and style inspiration. On it, she promotes self-love and appreciation that we just can’t get enough of. Her sharp geo cat eyeliners, silky palettes and stunningly highlighted cheeks will keep you coming back for work- and night-out wardrobe ideas.

7. Somaya Reece

Instagram / somayareece

Reece has come a long way from her days as a “Love & Hip Hop” star. Now she uses her platform to promote healthy lifestyles and to discuss her experience as an eating disorder survivor. If there’s one thing we love the most about Reece’s Instagram page, it would be her very tell-it-like-it-is inspirational memes.

8. Yesika Salgado

Instagram / yesikastarr

The Salvadoran-American writer from Los Angeles and National Poetry Slam finalist has a pretty dedicated following on Instagram. Her posts consistently put proof into the notion that poetry is power. Looking for some #MotivationMonday muses? Look no further than Salgado’s page, where her embrace of body positivity and la cultura will have you feeling fly AF and ready to take on the world.

9. Alexis Nunes

Instagram / alexisenunes

This Jamaican-Salvadoran is a host at ESPN FC and ESPNcricinfo, and she could probably give just about any boy a run for their money when it comes to sports knowledge. For Latinas obsessed with soccer, Nunez’s page is where it’s at. She has posted some pretty cool and exclusive interviews between her and soccer champs, like Ashley Cole. Definitely keep an eye out for this one!

10. Gizel Jiménez

Instagram / giz_zy

Anyone self-identifying as a Broadway junky will likely be quick to spot out this Cubana actress and star of theatrical hits “Party People” and “Miss You Like Hell.” The NYC-based actress’ Instagram is a treasure trove for the Latina looking to keep up her #BBG y ¡azúcar! habit. Gizel usees her account to document her trips to barre and pilates sessions while also posting clips of herself as she enthusiastically chows down on croquetas. It’s an account packed full of bailar, strength and a pretty mighty six-pack.

11. Keka Araujo

Instagram / negra_with_tumbao

Keka Araujo is the writer and blogger behind Negra With Tumbao a personal blog that touches on all things cultura, race, diaspora, and beauty. The writer, whose work has been featured in HuffPost and Blavity, has an account that brags an average of 17.6K followers. Her posts always promise to give viewers a peep into the topics (vida and fuckboys among them) that intrigue the Latina the most. Check out her account for a look into some of her amazing homecooked meals (ropa vieja for the win!) and some fly pics of her daily fashion and hairstyles.

12. Juliet Casteneda AKA Juju

Instagram / iamjuju_

When it comes to hustle, Juju Castenada has plenty. The American actress, model, realtor, business owner, and author has been keeping up with her side gigs long before her days of making appearances on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” Juju’s Instagram account acts as an appetizing fusion of her best street style and high glam moments. Baby hair enthusiasts will love the Cubana’s account for all of the inspiration her looks will bring to their edges.

13. Aylen Alvarez

Instagram / aylen25

Aylen Alvarez is the business entrepreneur behind her self-titled phone application: Aylen Alvarez Official Fan App. Tap into Alvarez’s account and get ready for a feed packed full of travel adventures to Venice, Italy, and Paris, France. The raw veganist also uses her account to promote body positivity and exercise tips.

14. Monique Gonzalez AKA Momo

Instagram / heresmomo

The Miami-based artist first pierced the music scene back in 2015 when she took up the task of providing vocals to the “El Perdon (How Can I)” female remix featuring Pitbull. In the year’s since that appearance, the Cubana has popped up in the newsfeeds of HuffPost and Perez Hilton for her “rising pop star” status. When it comes to The Gram though, Gonzalez’s artistry really shines. The singer and model wields her account with the power of a purposeful museum curator, giving followers a chance to track her progress as an artist while also giving them a chance to glance at her style for major fashion inspiration. From pics of how to rock a hair scarf or casual sneakers, Momo’s looks are always spot on. In a post to her blog outside of Instagram, the Latina artist has described herself as “unapologetically Latina.” (UH can I get a finger snap emoji for that, please???)

15. Camila Cabello

Instagram / camila_cabello

When an artist like Camila Cabello bursts on to the scene with a hit about one of Cuba’s most beloved cities, ya just gotta put her on your list about rad Cubanas, yaknowwhudaymean?? The second generation Cuban-Mexicana and former member of Fifth Harmony has had a large and dedicated following for years, but it was her hit single “Havana” that blew up her name and, subsequently, her Instagram following. Subscribers to Cabello’s account will not get to follow the booming artist and travels to different locations around the globe but also get firsthand updates of her fleeting merch offers and latest projects.

16. Danay García

Instagram / danaygarcia1

“Walking Dead” fans will be pumped to see the actress’s posts which range anywhere from behind the scene pics of her latest projects to videos of her on the fly ballet routines. Just after a few flip throughs of her account, followers will easily catch the same bug the nature enthusiast has for the outdoors.

17. Claudia Sampedro

Instagram / claudiasampedro

Since her days as a cast member on the E! show “WAGS Miami,” Sampadro has worked to continue to build her brand as an athleisure clothing designer and travelista. The model, actress, and mother from Miami, Florida has an Instagram account dotted with pics that exude her enthusiasm for all things lifestyle, travel, fitness, fashion, and momming. Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of Sampadro’s posts, however, is the fact that when it comes to Instagram the entrepreneur acts as a total open book. When the Kardashians are away, get your chismosa fix with pics of Sampadro’s quirky adventures to derma clinics for laser hair removal and hydrafacials.

18. Gisselle

Instagram / geexzee

OG Hipsters who love to boast about having loved Kendrik Lamar long before he went mainstream ought to tap into the artist that is Gisselle before she blows up the music scene. (Which by the look of her latest single’s success, could be any minute.) Still, despite her burgeoning music career, perhaps the coolest aspect of Gisselle’s account is the fact that the artist hardly uses her account to hawk her brand or advertise her business ventures. Instead, the account is much more personal as she brings followers into her life as a mother, Tupac fan, and brunch enthusiast.

19. Marina Aguilera

Instagram / thedemureist

Aguilera’s Instagram account acts as more of an extension of her fashion site The Demureist than it does as a personal account of her beauty journey and tips. The Instagram page is a home for women interested in culture, fashion and creating a world where women can be both celebrated and safe. Aguilera is the mujer behind the account that highlights Muslim women while also praising and celebrating women of different cultures as well. Posts are a mixture of pictures straight from New York Fashion Week, the streets of Brooklyn and bits of feminist wisdom from Latina and WOC icons, like María Félix and Michelle Obama. For tips on how to incorporate your Latino roots into your everyday style, keep an eye out for Aguilera’s looks as she storms the streets of New York.

20. Deborah M M

Instagram / drockbeauty

Deborah is a puertorriqueña of Instagram describing herself as the ultimate “gym geek.” Since 2016, the Ohio-based mother has been on a journey to self-love and health that has led to an extreme contrast in her health and lifestyle as well as the building of an impressive amount of confidence and strength. The Latina uses her page to track her progress, document her fitness routines, provide tips to her 22.5K followers and take them on trips with her as she journeys across the globe.

21. zainab_fitforallah

Instagram / zainab_fitforallah

For Latina foodies looking to get fit and move, Zainab’s Instagram account is the portal to strength and vigor you’ve been looking for. Zainab’s account brags some of the most appealing dishes and recipes (dandelion greens and salawat, what’s up!) and ten-minute video workouts. Looking for some inspirational quotes for your mindful meditation mornings? Zainab has you covered with quotes straight from the Quran that’ll have you feeling extra #blessed.

22. glowrious._

Instagram / glowrious._

This linda of Mexican descent has an Instagram page laced with all the makeup and style inspirations you probably didn’t even realize you were missing. The model’s account has a nearly 9K following, plenty of style inspirations for the chica rocking a hijab and with captions that read “I don’t need a castle to know I’m a queen and hijab is my crown,” all of the enlightened Latina slay musings you’ll ever need on Instagram.

23. Aamilah Vilchez

Instagram / aamilah_muslimah

Have a hankering for natural healing remedies and in need of a fix? Vilchez is the brilliant Latina behind an Instagram account bursting with food pics so appetizing in appearance you can practically smell her cilantro and Goya concoctions as they sizzle in pans through your iPhone. The Muslim Latina’s account focuses on all things wellness and health, with various posts highlighting the benefits of plants like Tumeric (according to her, it’s a natural anti-depressant) and oils that come from Tea Tree (perfect for zits!).

24. Nebulanabila

Instagram / nebulanabila

Afro-Latina power abounds in this Instagram account helmed by a Latina ready to put anyone wanting to strip Black Latinas of their identity by defining them as “half” in their place. Her posts are a reminder to her 2K plus followers that bigotry isn’t beautiful, and everyone needs a little faith, whether it’s in themselves or something greater. Check out her account for some killer tips on how to pair sunnies with your hijabs, quotes from Malcom X and celebration of la cultura.

25. latinegramuslim

Instagram / latinomuslims

Heads up: you might be a tad confused by the discrepancy in the in the Instagram account listed and the photo from the account associated with it. That’s because Damali, the Latina behind Latinegramuslim, keeps her account private on Instagram. Still, The UCLA alum from Belize and Panama has a dedicated following of a thousand-plus users strong and plenty of posts lending inspiration to those lucky enough to receive her approval to follow her. In a feature on the Instagram account @latinomuslims, the Afro-Latina highlighted the struggle of being a minority within in a minority. “People have always told me I was too black to be Latina or too Latina to be black, at times I felt very out of place. Islam isn’t about the way you look or the culture you come from. It’s about uniting together in the belief of one God. I have always thought that is just so beautiful and it’s one of the many reasons I feel so blessed to be Muslim and to come to Islam at the age of 12.”

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