25 Halloween Costume Photos That Show How Creative Latinos Can Be

It’s that time of year again!

Credit: KXVO / YouTube

That means we get a chance to look through some of the most unique, inventive and awe-inspiring costumes of the year.

There’s this group of Lotería cards that includes El Diablo, La Muerte and La Sirena.

All that’s missing is someone dressed as a frijolito.

They should have met up with La Dama…


… or La Chalupa.


This costume is guaranteed to spice any party up. ?

Here’s one way to let people know you’re sweet on the inside AND outside.


This costume combo will make you feel warm and cozy inside.

This guy wants to take you to El Noa Noa…


… while this costume si valió la pena.

Try not to yell out “¡Azucar!” when you see this…


… or say “aww” when you see Celia and Pedro Knight together again.

This costume will definitely wake you up…


And this one will make you say “¡DALE!”

This Frida costume is next level good…

And this family costume is too darn adorable.


This person did a little exploring…

While this family was up in smoke.

Looks like this couple has… JOINT CUSTODY. ?

This dude dressed up as a legendary comedian…


… while this foursome dressed as iconic Latina singers.

This costume will transport you back to the year 2000.

When you can’t decide on one J.Lo look, you do three of them.


And, of course, there were Selenas everywhere. Like this one…


… this one…

… this one…


… this one…

… this one…


… and this one, which featured a guest appearance from Chris Perez.


Oh and ICYMI, Kylie Jenner donned a Dirrty-era Christina Aguilera costume.

Jenner was about 5 years old when Xtina released “Dirrty.”

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