As We End The Year, Check Out These Viral Moments That Made An Impact On Us

This year the internet blessed us with endless memes, challenges and viral moments that we will cherish forever. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and her “Rise and Shine” and Keke Palmer’s “Sorry to this man” were trolled furiously by meme-makers. From the bottle cap challenge to the ‘Storm Area 51’ event, we rounded up the best viral moments of the year for your enjoyment. You’re welcome.

The egg that got more likes than Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner got de-throned. She no longer has the most “liked” photo on Instagram thanks to an egg stock photo. A boring stock photo of a brown egg on a white background scrambled its way to the top of Instagram, becoming the most liked post of all time with 53 million likes and counting, poaching the title from reality TV personality Kylie Jenner.

The bottle cap challenge showed how talented and precise some people can be.

This summer, UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway challenged singer John Mayer to the bottle cap challenge. In the challenge, the celebrities unscrewed a bottle cap halfway and then attempted to completely unscrew the cap with a roundhouse kick. Everyone from Charlie Sheen to Kendall Jenner attempted the feat.

Nancy Pelosi clapping at President Donald Trump became a mood for an entire nation.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won the title of “Queen of the Condescending Applause” during a State of the Union address after sarcastically clapping at Trump when he said: “We must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution and embrace the boundless potential of co-operation, compromise and the common good.”

The “Cats” movie trailer was a troublesome moment.

The highly anticipated trailer for the feature film “Cats,” based off the hit Broadway musical, sparked a lot of confusion and discomfort. 

The coffee cup in Game of Thrones that sent a fandom into chaos.

When the news of how a coffee cup left by mistake in a scene of the final season went viral, people started tweeting out jokes. One user wrote, “Imagine HBO spending millions on every single episode and being done over by a single coffee cup. Guess Dany didn’t get the memo about reusable chalices.” 

Kylie Jenner’s ‘Rise and Shine’ musical debut was everything.

In the viral video, Kylie wakes up her daughter, Stormi, from a nap by singing the phrase, “rise and shine.” The internet quickly latched onto the song, with many creating remixes and memes.  A few weeks later, it was reported that the reality star and businesswoman tried to trademark the phrase “rise and shine.” 

Area 51 stormers and the one hero who did a perfect Naruto run.

People showed up in the Nevada desert for Alienstock, a music festival that sprang out of a viral Facebook plan to storm Area 51 in September, and one festival-goer nailed a Naruto run during a live news broadcast. Iconique.

Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” got Americans to finally go through their clutter.

There’s no doubt the cleaning master, Marie Kondo’s “does this spark joy?” rule has inspired many to declutter. However, the hilarious memes that came of it spark joy even more than getting rid of your 20-year-old soccer jersey.

The Fiji Water Girl who was everywhere.

A Canadian model stole Golden Globes red carpet spotlight this year. As some of Hollywood’s biggest stars took to the red carpet ahead of the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards in January, a Canadian woman carrying a tray of bottled Fiji Water stole the spotlight after photobombing several celebrities, pouring herself into Internet fame.

Father has a full-fledged conversation with his toddler.


Comedian DJ Pryor shared a hilarious video of himself and his son, Kingston Jierre, having what sounds like a two-sided conversation in perfect English, except the baby doesn’t speak a word of actual English. My heart melts.

Baby Yoda of “The Mandalorian” united the Internet with jajajas.

Yoda is one of the most beloved (and wisest) characters of the Star Wars franchise, and the internet lost its mind when a baby version of the Jedi master was revealed as a character in “The Mandalorian,” a Disney+ TV series. The memes have been endless —and we’re not mad about it.

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