15 Of Cardi B’s Most Savage Red Carpet Looks Ranked

Since her big glowup last year, Cardi B has scored big time on the red carpet. From glamorous to wildly fabulous, the queen of hip hop and trap has flaunted her ability to rock and master a red hot look.

Here’s 15 of Cardi B’s outfits straight from the red carpet.

1. The moment she turned up on the red carpet looking like Cinderella.

@iamcardib / Instagram

Cindi B has arrived y’all. The diamond-colored gown by Christian Siriano finally put meaning to the saying “trap Cinderella.”

2. Literally this look is sheer excellence.

@iamcardib / Instagram

Now in real life, you probably couldn’t wear this to a meeting. But this look by Laquan Smith is some serious business.

3. Can we please talk about how spot on this look is?

@iamcardib / Instagram

Because it gives me straight ace vibes if I’m being honest. Literally that split though! Wanna know how much is Cardi worth?

4. This bad red fur motor look wants you to step aside and make way.

@iamcardib / Instagram

I mean honestly this look reminds me so much of Cruella De Vil. And I don’t hate it.

5. Seriously Offset better so happy he snapped her up before I did.

@iamcardib / Instagram

So much wedding gown inspiration in one look. You better believe I’ll be marching down the isle in a business suit looking dress thanks to this pic.

6. Here we go again with another look that just kills it.

@iamcardib / Instagram

Okay, so we all know Cinnamon dyed hair is the look of the season. But the long ponytail just completely ups the game.

7. Can’t stop, won’t stop asking for more pics of this duo.

And can we please get more pics of their high slits? Seriously they’re giving off the best sister vibes.

8. Literally so much power in these boots.

@iamcardib/ Instagram

And not just because they’re knee-highs. Cardi’s collab with Steve Madden means we don’t have dish for Louboutins to be glam.

9. Keep it classy and poppin’ is just so Cardi B.

@iamcardib / Instagram

It’s so hard to decide what part of this look is my fave. I mean those butterfly inspired heels are so lit and ready to take flight.

10. Here she is making me wish I looked even a quarter as amazing in my old uniform.

@iamcardib / Instagram

Seriously BRB gonna go call my mom to see where my old plaid skirt was. In the meantime please find me shoes like the ones above.

11. Remember when this LBD blew up the red carpet?

@iamcardib / Instagram

This dress makes me want to find my favorite black dress and cut it up. Also, I need to go find someone who can do extensions like that for my hair.

12. Here she is at NY Fashion Week looking ready for the runway.

@iamcardib / Instagram

For a moment you probably mistook her for runway model. But let’s not lie, this look gives Gigi a major run for her money.

13. Her bobbed blonde look is almost as bomb as her futuristic look.

@iamcardib / Instagram

Welcome to the next dimension, guys. Here: Cardi B runs the world.

14. Now if I tried this look, I’d look like a CSI lab rat.

@iamcardib/ Instagram

But here Cardi B is making it look like it belongs on the cover of Vogue. Now that’s a money move making look.

15. And here she is showing up every cast member of “Grease” ever with this leather look.

@iamcardib / Instagram

I got chills. They’re multiplying.

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