Blockbuster Is Opening Up A Limited Time Pop Up Shop And OMG It Is Everything

Media changes are not just technical transformations, but also cultural ones. Just think about the telephone and how it brought new types of connections among people in different geographical locations. But perhapa the biggest change of them all when it comes to the entertainment industry is the shift to digital formats and the phasing out of physical content “containers” such as tapes and CDs. 

You see kids, a long time ago this is what humans used to watch movies on.

Credit: Octavio Tirol / Giphy

These were bulky plastic boxes that played your films and TV shows. This format became standard worldwide even though it was inferior to the competitor Betamax.

And to do so they had to insert those VHS tapes into these machines.

They were pretty tough but once it got old you could hear the very annoying tape tuuuuurning slooowly.

And you had to rewind the tape before returning it to the video rental store.

There was even a penalty fee if you didn’t rewind the tape before returning it!

And a video rental store looked like this.

This was a magical place where you looked for the movies you missed at the cinema or where, if you were a teenager, you wished to score a movie with some mild nudity in it. Come Halloween, the place was swarming with people trying to get the goriest films. 

And the first step of a date night consisted in browsing one of these shelves, so not such thing as Netflix and Chill for 1990s humankind

If you survived choosing a film together then maybe you were meant for each other. There was of course ACTII microwave popcorn at the checkouts! It was a one-stop shop for a date night before Netflix made us browse endlessly. 

And did we mention what TV boxsets looked like? Binge watching actually MADE YOU GET OUT OF THE COUCH! The horror, the horror!

Nothing worse than getting the perfect position on the couch and having to get up to change the tape… only to find out someone put in in the wrong damn box!

Then things got easier and humans got DVDs that didn’t need rewinding

A short push of a button, a big step for humanity. 

But we had to deal with nasty incidents like your DVD being scratched and not working… 

Once the DVD got scratched it would skip scenes or stop working all together! If it was a rental from Blockbuster you better wish the dude at the front desk did not check it before entering into the system, 

So along came other formats like Laser Disc and Blu-ray, but the real game changer was Netflix and its huge streaming catalogue.

So now we could watch it all comfortably! But is more necessarily better?

So Blockbuster stores and other video rental places went kaput.

In 2014 most of the Blockbusters in the world shut down and so an era came to an end. 

And people got lazy…

Can you believe there is actually an Airbnb property specially designed to Netflix and Chill? Come on, where is the fun in that? Yes, be malpensados. 

But some also miss Blockbuster and its rituals so they are opening a Blockbuster pop-up!

Clothes store Dumbgood is opening a pop up shop in New York City for all those nostalgics who probably hate to scan the Netflix catalogue and remember how amazing and definitive it was to exit those blue and yellow shops knowing exactly what you would watch. As The Hollywood Reporter informs us: “Although almost all Blockbusters shuttered by 2014 — today, one lone store in Bend, Oregon remains — clothing label Dumbgood is resurrecting this millennial mainstay in a new, officially licensed streetwear collection.

The line will be available at a Blockbuster pop-up shop in New York, running from Dec. 6 to 15″. Stepping into the SoHo location will be just like going into one of these now ancient stores, as THR continues: “Film posters and white shelves full of cult classic VHS tapes line the space. In addition to fresh popcorn and themed drinks (“No More Late Fees” was a vodka and grapefruit option), the Dec. 5 opening party featured a step-and-repeat with a backdrop made of hundreds of VHS case bindings”. It sounds amazing both in a hipster ironic and X-gen non ironic way!

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