You Shared Your Worst Kissing Stories And They Are Some Of The Most Uncomfortable Moments We’ve Experienced

Kissing is one of the most intimate moments in a relationship. However, some times sharing a kiss with a stranger can totally backfire. It is hard enough to overlook your biggest crush when they have bad breath, but a stranger sneezing into your mouth is a whole other experience. Here are some of the most questionable kissing stories you’ve shared with us.

This masterful kiss avoider.

“I was hanging out with a guy friend and he kept coming close like he wanted to kiss me and I kept dodging him so he kept only kissing my cheek and hand. Finally, when I dropped him off at his house he leaned in and I started singing along to ‘All I Want for Christmas’ to avoid him kissing me and when he said ‘Really?’ I said, ‘What? This is my favorite song!’ It’s really not though. he also made sure that I knew he had taken 9 other girls first kisses but I wasn’t the 10th!” – Kimberly

Some times they don’t understand no and need to be shown.

“Another kiss story that features the lack of a kiss! I was at an outdoor concert with a guy friend who had saved me a good spot. He was pretty drunk and kept asking me questions like, ‘Can I kiss you on your neck?’ I kept refusing and telling him that we could never date because of our difference in beliefs. He didn’t give up though. When he walked me back to my car, he asked why I was basically running and I told him it was because it was late. I just didn’t want him to kiss me. Lol. Haven’t really talked to or hung out with him since then.” – Kathleen

Overdoing the tongue and Doritos is not the combination you want.

“I was in 6th grade & he was in 8th grade, so I felt cool with an ‘older guy.’ Some friends and I were all hanging out playing spin the bottle. Well, he landed on me, so we went outside, he leaned in to kiss me and it was super awkward, wayyyyy too much tongue & he had CHEESY DORITO breath. ????????‍♀️ worst first kiss ever!! ????” – Rocio

Is it love if they kiss you after you vomit?

“I had just thrown up and he still kissed me, so I guess it was his worst kiss. Hahaha.” – Karla

Some people really need to be taught how to kiss.

“My worst ever kiss happened when I was in college. I had been crushing on this one guy for over a year and we finally went on a date. It was perfect until the end. He leaned in to give me a kiss and his entire mouth opened and covered my mouth. I wish I was kidding. I learned real fast why he was still single.” – José

Allergies are the only natural predator of the kiss.

“Oh allergy season! I had the most unfortunate kiss when I was in high school. We were right in the middle of allergy season and I was giving my boyfriend a kiss when I let out the most nasty sneeze. He was so shocked but laughed it off. We are still together and laugh about it all the time.” – Marisol

Who has ever had their parents interrupt their kiss?

“We’ve all been there. Alone in our room with our gf or bf. It was at my family home and I was visiting from college. I was in the bedroom with my girlfriend and my mom walked in mid-kiss. I had never been so mortified but it did lead to a great conversation and my coming out. I really love my parents.” – Catherine

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