This Couple Got Married On The MTA And Aside From How Beautiful It Was, Let Me Off The Back Please

There are few things that New Yorkers would condone interrupting their commute. Especially these days, when the MTA is under a literal state of emergency because of delays and overcrowding. No, New Yorkers are not feeling anything that gets between them and where they have to be, but maybe they’d forgive a ceremony of love?

Kara Mullins and Osvaldo Jimenez filled an MTA bus with their loved ones and fellow straphangers to celebrate their wedding day, 13 years after they met on a bus.

Complete with Metrocard-shaped invitations, they rode the crosstown M14 bus and got married right in the joint of the extra long bus.

Even the bus driver got in on the group photo.

Desus & Mero got wind of the non-traditional wedding and threw their hilarious spin on it.

Credit: Desus & Mero/ YouTube

“Back door! Back door!”

Check out the whole video, start to finish below.

Credit: Good Peoples/ Vimeo

It’s actually a beautiful and unique ceremony. But definitely a nightmare for commuters, I’m sure. I can just imagine the amount of people who were like “Getting off! Next stop, please!” once they realized what was happening. Still, beautiful, though.

[H/T] The New York Times

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