Things That Every Latino Kid Used As A Makeshift Cancha Or Porteria

For some Latino kids growing up without a park nearby to play in, the world became their fútbol field. Anything and everything could turn into an impromptu playing field, and anything could be a goal post. Between two cars, the entrance to an alleyway, a tree, a doorway, etc.

So, here are five things that will give you a bit of nostalgia and remind you that finding somewhere to play was as much fun as the game itself.

The Callejón

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The best football players have strong imaginations, and you can bet your Jarritos that you and plenty of stars have played in an alley – working on your close control and imagining running to the corner in celebration. This was where you found out just how good your first touch really is!

The Parking Lot

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If you can’t find a field or a patch of grass, the next best thing is a parking lot – the emptier the better. Sure, pitch boundaries might get a little confusing but there’s nothing quite like watching your friend chase after an errant shot with unexpected energy – no one wants to chase the ball farther than they have to!

Using Botellas

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Do the right thing and recycle those empty bottles and cans… but first you should use them as makeshift goals! Yeah, they’ll probably wind up moving at some point during the match, and the other team’s goal will somehow get narrower… but you never minded a challenge, did you?

Between Trash Cans

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A classic impromptu goal comes in the form of trash cans. They’re big and sturdy, clearly visible, and a keeper’s best friend. Seriously… those wide posts are super forgiving.

Someone’s Old Zapatos

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If there are too many players on your makeshift pitch, chances are the odd person out has given up his or her shoes to use them as goalposts… or am I the only kid who got fooled into doing that?

Some of the world’s best players grew up playing the beautiful game in the streets, using anything and everything in sight to get their fútbol fix. La cancha might be the ultimate destination but the journey there is rewarding, and the memories you make along the way will last a lifetime.

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