These 30-year-olds Survived Their Quince, And Here’s What They Have To Say.

Your Quinces are a big freakin’ deal. A bunch of tías and tíos you didn’t even know show up, you ask your crush to be your chambelan, and your mom finally lets you wear makeup. But such an exciting day also leads to some nervous jitters like, “What if I break out right before my Quince?” or “Will I fall on my face?” – but not to worry! Latinas are always eager to share their wisdom, especially with the younger generations. So, check out the advice of 30-year-olds who survived their Quinceañera:

“Have some chanclas on standby! Your feet will thank you later.” – Jennifer A.

Most likely, you bought a super cute pair of heels for your Quince, and chances are that they’re your first pair of heels EVER. Do your feet a favor, and pack extra flats! The last thing you want to do is sit out your fave song because your feet are hurting.

“Make sure to wash your face! Weeks before my Quince I started breaking out pretty bad, but I got on a skin care routine, and by the time the big day arrived my skin looked great” – Liliana A.

Stress can come out in unexpected ways, and the last thing you want is acne on your big day. Weeks before your Quince, start washing your face every morning and night with Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser. Formulated with naturally derived grapefruit extract plus vitamin C, this acne face wash gets deep down into pores to remove oil, leaving skin looking and feeling fresh.

“If you mess up on your Vals, it’s OK. Just have fun and do your best.” – Jess G.

We know you’ve spent months working hard on nailing the vals (waltz), agonized over your chambelan, spent countless hours finding the perfect song, and rummaged through hours of Youtube videos figuring out the choreography. Our best advice – try not to freak out! Everyone at the fiesta is there to celebrate YOU on your special day!

“The day goes by so fast! Make sure you take lots of photos – you’ll treasure them later.” – Kim M.

You spend so much time planning (and making sure everything is going to plan), that it would be a shame not to document it. Plus, the photos will be perfect for a throwback on Instagram, and in 10 years they’ll be great for a trip down memory lane.

“So much of my energy was spent making sure my Quince went according to plan, that I forgot to actually enjoy my party. So, don’t sweat the small stuff. ” – Jess R.

Your makeup took longer than you thought and now you’re late? Don’t sweat it. Your DIY photo backdrop is falling apart? Don’t sweat it. You forgot your muñeca (doll) at home? Don’t. Sweat. It. The bottom line is – just have a blast, and your Quince will set the stage for memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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